We Tried This Hyped Vitamin — You Need It If You're Obsessed With Your Dog's Health

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Finn Multivitamin

Why We Love It:

It gives our dogs everything they need to boost their health — while they just think they’re getting a fun, tasty treat.

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Everyone’s always reminding you to take your vitamins, but who’s reminding your dog?

Now that you think about it, a dog multivitamin is actually a pretty good idea — what better way to make sure your BFF is getting all the nutrients he needs to be happy and healthy?

The Dodo tried the Finn multivitamin, and here’s why it earned our Dodo dogs’ Paw of Approval.

What Is The Finn Multivitamin?

The Finn multivitamin is a dog supplement that packs in a bunch of good things to give your pup a health boost.

It has glucosamine, chondroitin and methylsulfonylmethane for hip and joint support, as well as omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA for skin and coat health. 

The supplement also includes a probiotic blend — designed to help your pup’s digestion — vitamin C and several B vitamins to support his heart and immune system.

There are 90 soft chews per container, which will last up to three months (bigger dogs will need more than one chew per day).

The Judges

We picked three office dogs — some with sensitive stomachs — who wanted to boost their health a little.

Bobo has a sensitive stomach and sometimes experiences diarrhea. Bobo is a friendly and loving Bernese mountain dog. He loves to play with squeak toys, going for walks and eating!” — his mom, Genevieve Farrell
Doc has a sensitive stomach and he's a very picky eater.” — his mom, Catherine Yi
“Mochi’s a cuddly big bear that loves walks, hanging at home, food and pets. We just fostered her and wanted to test a multivitamin.” — her foster dad, Cory O’Keefe

So … Did We Notice Any Differences In Our Dogs?

Two of our Dodo dogs have sensitive stomachs, but they didn’t have any issues taking the Finn multivitamin.

This product did not give Bobo any diarrhea issues, which I was excited about. Since it is a probiotic I was a bit worried about this.” — Genevieve F.

“Doc has not had any tummy issues and he's happy and healthy.” — Catherine Y.

Our third Dodo dog is a new foster, so her foster dad wasn’t sure if the dog multivitamin improved her health, since he didn’t have much of a frame of reference.

But, our tester did seem to be doing well while taking the Finn supplement.

“Mochi was calm, happy and slept well. She’s new, so we weren't able to notice a major before-and-after transformation from using them.” — Cory O.

dog licking Finn Multivitamin bottle
Mochi can’t wait to have her Finn multivitamins. | Cory O'Keefe

What Pets Loved: They’ve Got A New Favorite Treat!

Our entire dog judging panel thinks the Finn multivitamin is one of the best treats they’ve ever had.

Right away, Bobo loved this treat! Bobo is very stubborn, and I found that he would listen when I gave him this treat (sometimes he ignores me if I'm offering a subpar treat). It’s one of his favorite treats.” — Genevieve F.

“Doc loved it. It was the same as a high-value treat for him. He's very picky so not all treats are equal in his eyes, but he seemed to really always get excited for his daily vitamin.” — Catherine Y.

“Mochi loved them and seems happy and healthy.” — Cory O.

dog waiting for Finn Multivitamin in woman's hand
Doc loved the Finn multivitamins so much, he did tricks for them. | Catherine Yi

What Parents Loved: They’re Good For Their Pups!

Our pet parents really enjoyed feeling like they were boosting their pups’ health.

(Bonus points for the fact that they didn’t have to fight their dogs to take the multivitamins — it’s like being pleasantly surprised that your kid actually likes eating vegetables.)

“There’s an ease of mind knowing Doc’s getting an extra dose of something good for his stomach issues and good for him in general.” — Catherine Y.

I love that it contains vitamins but isn't in a powder or pill.” — Genevieve F.

“Love that it covers a wide array of issues. A lot of the other vitamins we have are focused, and so you need to have so many. These seem to cover a lot of health benefits in one treat.” — Cory O.

And because the dog multivitamin was so tasty, one tester realized it actually helps with training, too.

I found Bobo was more focused and listened to me when I was training him with this treat.” — Genevieve F.

Our pet parents also loved that the Finn dog multivitamin came in a good-looking container that was easy to use.

“Loved the tin it comes in. Super cute. Cute enough to leave out on my countertops. Simple and convenient packaging.” — Catherine Y.

“Packaging and branding are amazing. I loved the feel of the can and the size.” — Cory O.

dog lying and staring longingly at can of Finn Multivitamin
Bobo literally begged for them. | Genevieve Farrell

Any Downsides?

One of our dog parents was a little turned off by the way the multivitamins smelled. (But how many dog treats actually smell good?)

I was a bit grossed out by the smell of the Finn supplements. It was very, very strong and I'm sensitive to smells. I honestly was like, ‘If Bobo does not love this product, I don't know if I can give them to him because I can't handle this smell.’” — Genevieve F.

But the biggest issue our testers had was the price.

One pack of the Finn dog multivitamins costs $28, which isn’t that bad if your pup is small and only needs one chew per day (because that $28 container will last him three months).

But if your dog needs more than one multivitamin each day — dogs over 50 pounds need three to four every day — it does add up.

(But you can use our exclusive discount DODO15 to get 15% off.)

“They go quick when you have a larger dog is the only thing.” — Cory O.

“It is an expensive product, but since it is a supplement I think it is understandable.”Genevieve F.

But considering there are so many health benefits to this dog multivitamin — and your dog will actually want to take it — it’s not a bad deal.

Our Takeaway: Why Not Splurge On Your Pup’s Health?

Your pup’s health is priority number one, and the Finn dog multivitamin has a ton of good things in it to support his overall health. And while the price is on the higher end, it’s basically a lot of individual supplements packed into one.

Plus our dogs LOVED them — and there’s really no beating a healthy treat that your dog will literally beg you to eat!

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