This Supplement Actually Calms Anxious Dogs

Tried and tested on our own neurotic pups 🏆

Finn Calming Aid

Why We Love It:

It got our anxious dogs to actually relax and not be so hyper-attached. And our pups loved having a tasty new treat.

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If you have an anxious dog, leaving the house or introducing her to new friends can become so difficult that you start to avoid anything that could potentially set her off — which probably makes you stressed, too. 

There are plenty of nervous Dodo dogs, so we had some of them test out these Finn Calming Aid supplements to see if they could actually help them get through stress-inducing situations — and generally chill out.

The verdict? These chews have definitely earned our dogs’ Paw Print of approval! Here’s why.

What Is The Finn Calming Aid?

Finn’s Calming Aid is a soft chew supplement designed to help dogs fight anxiety. It’s made with organic all-natural herbs, like chamomile, valerian root and passionflower, as well as calming ingredients like L-theanine and melatonin.

According to Finn, the Calming Aid can help manage anxiety and hyperactivity with various causes — from separation anxiety to thunderstorms.

The Judges

We picked three office pups with anxiety that’s significant enough to affect their (and their parents’) day-to-day lives.

Hopper has a lot of stranger danger, and will often bark at even human neighbors when we’re out for walks. He also gets very anxious on busy streets.” — his person, Lily Cedarbaum
"Storm has separation anxiety and is also anxious about the doorbell and thresholds, like at the bottom of the stairs and entrances to rooms." — her person, Keren Masser
“My senior dog Buttons struggles with anxiety every day if she doesn’t get lots of attention, and sticks to familiar places. She cries, barks, pants heavily and can’t remain still.” — her person, Kimberly Avalos

So … Are They Calm Yet?

Even though our judges had a lot of different triggers, two out of three of our dog parents found that the chews had a significant effect on their pups, and kept them from reacting to a variety of potentially stressful situations.

“Storm definitely seemed calmer throughout the day, relatively quickly! Certain triggers (doorbell, guests, clutter, noises) seemed less triggering for her … Thresholds seem easier to face as well.” — Keren M.

“Hopper was able to walk alongside a friend's puppy without being anxious or territorial. In the past, puppies have made him very anxious and defensive.”  — Lily C.

In fact, they worked so well that both of these normally clingy dogs felt more comfortable being on their own, and seemed more confident and independent overall.

Hopper seemed to have less of a need to be a Velcro dog, even going up to bed a few times before anyone was upstairs. This was UNHEARD OF a few months ago.” — Lily C.

“Storm was also able to spend way more time by herself, particularly at night when she was tired. She'd stay upstairs in her bed rather than need[ing] to sit on the couch with us.” — Keren M.

finn calming supplements for dogs
Hopper with his Finn calming supplements | Lily Cedarbaum

What Pets Loved: They Taste Like Treats!

Our pups actually loved eating the chews (as anyone who’s tried to wrangle a pup into taking medicine knows, this is a huge plus).

“Hopper always came and sat for it, even if he still had breakfast kibble left to eat. He loves chewing things, so having a soft chew was also fun for him.” — Lily C.

It didn't take Storm any time to warm up to it! She loves any new treat she gets to have.” — Keren M.

While Buttons’ anxiety didn’t visibly improve during the testing period, she definitely responded to the taste.

“Buttons is extremely picky with treats, so it was very surprising that she was so drawn to the supplement's scent … I never had to force Buttons or incentivize by dipping into almond butter the way I have to with her other medication.” — Kimberly A.

dog eating calming supplement
Storm loves snacking on these supplements. | Keren Masser

    What Parents Loved: Pretty Packaging!

    Other than their newly calm dogs, one thing the parents loved about these calming chews is the container they came in.

    I LOVED the color and design of the container! It was actually pretty, so I liked having it out on the counter.” — Lily C.

    “It feels like an approachable, no fuss, easy-to-use product for first-time pet parents, or more experienced pet parents, too.” — Keren M.

    Any downsides?

    We found that the chews smell a little earthy, but that’s nothing a little hand washing won’t fix. (And how many dog treats actually smell good?)

    And if your dog is right on the cusp of his weight range, you might have to play around with the dosage to get the best results.

    When Lily started Hopper on the supplements, she was only giving him one chew each day at breakfast. She didn’t notice the full effects until she decided to give him one at dinnertime, too.

    “The dosage weight range for small dogs is up to 25 pounds, but it might be helpful to have some guidance for dogs who are close to but below that limit.”  — Lily C.

    One other thing to be aware of is that while these chews really worked for Storm and Hopper, they’re not the cheapest. 

    One jar of 90 chews is $28 for a one-time purchase, or you can buy two jars for $49. If you want to make them a regular part of your pup’s diet, you can also join Finn’s subscribe-and-save program and save 20% (bringing the price down to $22.40 per jar).

    And if you don’t want to commit to a subscription, you can also use our exclusive discount code DODO15 to get 15% off your order.

    Finn recommends giving one treat per day for dogs 1 to 25 pounds, two treats for pups 26 to 50 pounds, three treats for pups 51 to 75 pounds, and four treats for pups 75 pounds and up. So one jar will last you 22 to 90 days, depending on your dog’s size.

    But despite the price, our judging panel said they were worth it — both Keren and Lily said they plan to continue their pups on the supplements after the testing period ends, and that they’d strongly recommend them to a friend.

    Finn also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee — so if you find it’s not a fit for your pup anytime in the first three months, you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.

    Our takeaway: These supplements are a great choice to help your anxious pup!

    If you’re looking for a product to help your dog’s anxiety, you should definitely give these supplements a try — while every pup is unique, two of our pampered office dogs are living much chiller lives thanks to Finn (as are their parents). And with Finn’s great customer service and money-back guarantee, there’s virtually no downside to giving them a shot. 

    The Finn Calming Aid has officially earned our Dodo dogs’ Paw Print of approval.

    (And don't forget to use our code DODO15 for a discount!)

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