We Found A Treat That Actually Helps With Our Cats' Terrible Tuna Breath

Teeth so sparkly even the vet noticed! 🦷✨

Feline Greenies Dental Treats

Why We Love Them:

They actually helped with our cats’ bad breath and plaque problems. And our cats loved eating them, which is always a huge plus.

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Your cat hates having his teeth brushed so much that you’re afraid you might lose a finger if you give it a try.

But you’ve got to do something about that plaque buildup and stinky cat breath.

Well, there might be a nice way you can trick your cat into a little teeth cleaning — and he’ll actually love you for it.

Feline Greenies Dental Treats are cat treats that are supposed to help with your cat’s oral health, so we figured we’d test them out on our own cats — to see if they’re the real deal.

Here’s why they earned our Paw of Approval.

What Are Feline Greenies Dental Treats?

Greenies is one of the best-known makers of dental treats, and their Feline Greenies Dental Treats are made specifically for cats.

These treats are made to have a crunchy texture that’s supposed to reduce tartar (and that cats will love biting into). They’re also designed to make your cat’s breath nice and fresh. 

While they aren’t a substitute for routine dental care, they can help keep your pet’s mouth healthy in between vet visits and at-home cleanings. 

These Greenies Dental Treats for cats are also made with natural ingredients and are loaded with a ton of nutrients — like a bunch of different B-vitamins — so they’re healthy as well as fun.

Plus, each treat only has two calories, so you don’t have to worry about your cat packing on the pounds.

They’re available in 2.1-ounce, 4.6-ounce, 9.75-ounce and 21-ounce packages, and come in a bunch of flavors like chicken, tuna, catnip and salmon. There’s also a variety pack if your cat just can’t decide on a favorite flavor.

The Judges

We picked three office cats — including a couple who could use a little extra help in the oral hygiene department — to give these Greenies cat dental treats a try.

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So … Did They Actually Clean Our Cats’ Teeth?

Most of our judges quickly saw improvement in both their breath and their plaque buildup after chowing down on some Feline Greenies Dental Treats.

We noticed that Mick’s breath definitely improved. He’s also had issues with plaque buildup on his teeth (most likely because we feed him soft food), and we’ve seen a decrease over the few weeks. We also took him for a checkup recently, where the vet said he could see a difference.” — Kelsey L.

We saw a reduction in plaque buildup and day-to-day odor, and an improvement in breath freshness. Results came very quickly as well. We started seeing results in about a week.” — Bridgette F.

feline greenies dental cat treats
Hazel and her Feline Greenies Dental Treats | Bridgette Faupel

What Pets Loved: They Taste So Good!

Cats are usually pretty picky about the things they eat, but our judges enjoyed snacking on their Greenies treats so much.

“Hazel can be very picky when it comes to treats and their flavors. It’s very obvious when she doesn’t like something as she will just leave the treat alone. Hazel became very keen to the sound of me taking out the tub and would rush to my side every time she heard it (or something that sounded like it). A treat never went missed!” — Bridgette F.

Mick liked the taste of dental treats a lot, more so than his food or other treats, because he knows when we get the box out of the cabinet to give him one and comes running!” — Kelsey L.

Mick Jagger looking for a snack | Kelsey Lyon

What Parents Loved: Their Cats’ Teeth Got Cleaner!

Our pet parents were really impressed with the improvement they noticed in their cats’ dental health.

Since we've noticed a difference with Mick’s teeth and breath, we will 100 percent continue to use the Greenies Dental Chews for sure!” — Kelsey L.

I was very happy with the quick results we saw.” — Bridgette F.

The sturdy, easy-to-use tub was also a big hit.

We liked the Dental Chews box and the pop-up feature to easily grab the treats from. It's also more durable and prevents the cat from being able to break into the box, as sometimes Mick has been known to get a hold of and chew through a bag or two.” — Kelsey L.

And the Feline Greenies Dental Treats weren’t too stinky (like a lot of cat treats are).

“I also really liked the fact that the smell of the treats wasn’t overly powerful as most treats, particularly dental treats I’ve used in the past, have a particularly unpleasant smell.” — Bridgette F.

Plus, all three of our pet parents felt the Feline Greenies Dental Treats were really well-priced. The 2.1-ounce bag goes for $2.34, the 4.6-ounce bag is $4.48, the 9.75-ounce tub costs $8.48 and the 21-ounce tub is $18.95.

Any Downsides?

One of our three judges was initially really into the Greenies dental treats for cats, but eventually lost interest. Her dad also didn’t notice a difference in her breath.

“Pookie seemed to like them a lot at first, ate quickly, was curious about how they smelled and did the typical lips-lick after eating. Over time this excitement faded quicker than other snacks.” — Joaquin D.

The only other issue we ran into is that one of our pet parents felt the recommended serving size was a bit too high.

The only thing we may have come up with is the portion/serving size. They had a high count per day for a cat of Mick’s size (18 pounds). We do about half what they recommend and still saw results.” — Kelsey L.

Despite these things, two of our three human testers would continue using the Feline Greenies Dental Treats, and also recommend them to other pet parents. 

Our Takeaway: A Win For Pets And Parents!

The fact that we found a treat our cats actually enjoyed eating almost feels like a small miracle.

And it’s even better knowing that our cats love eating treats that actually keep their bad breath at bay and their plaque under control.

It’s clear Greenies dental treats are a classic for a reason — and we’re so impressed that a vet was able to notice a difference in one of our judges! Coupled with the super affordable price, that makes these cat treats a win!

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