We Found A CBD Treat That Actually Fixed Our Dogs' Joint Problems

It basically turns back the clock 🕰

ElleVet Sciences Mobility CBD Soft Chews

Why We Love It:

These CBD chews really make a difference for dogs with joint or mobility issues. Plus, our pups loved that they taste like treats!

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It can be so hard realizing that your senior dog just can’t run around the way he used to. Or that your younger pup has joint problems and struggles to keep up with his friends at the dog park.

CBD can help with joint issues and arthritis in people, but can it do the same for your dog?

While there’s not a lot of research yet specifically on CBD and dogs, many people claim that it’s helped their pups with various health issues. And if you’re interested in trying CBD, you might be overwhelmed by all the products on the market.

So we decided to help you out, and had some of our Dodo pups test ElleVet Sciences’ Mobility CBD soft chews, which are designed to help dogs with joint issues.

The result? Here’s why it earned our Dodo dogs’ Paw of Approval.

What Are ElleVet Sciences Mobility CBD Soft Chews?

ElleVet Sciences Mobility CBD soft chews are CBD chews designed specifically for your dog. They’re made with both CBD and CBDA (which is the acid that turns into CBD when it’s heated up).

There isn’t a ton of research out there to concretely show what sort of effects CBD has on dogs.

But according to ElleVet Sciences, these are the only CBD dog chews that have been “scientifically proven” to benefit your pup.

The company studied dogs with joint issues related to arthritis at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, and claims that 80 percent of the pups who used their chews saw major mobility improvements.

On top of joint discomfort, the ElleVet CBD dog chews are also designed to help with things like decreased mobility and general senior dog issues.

There are two dosage options: one for dogs under 50 pounds and one for dogs over 50 pounds.

The Judges

We picked four office dogs to give these CBD dog chews a try.

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So … Did It Help Our Dogs?

Three of our four pet parents saw a noticeable difference in their dogs after taking the ElleVet Sciences CBD soft chews, particularly when it came to their mobility.

Within a week or two of starting the supplement, Norman was limping noticeably less. We weren't playing ball at all at that point, but soon we tried short games and he was able to run and enjoy it. The supplement helped ease Norman's joint pain and nighttime restlessness and enjoy his life as a senior dog more.” — Katy B.

Telly is a senior with very low energy levels, so I was excited to see if this product would help his mobility and help with any joint pain he might potentially have due to his old age. My pup's energy levels may have increased as a result of consuming this product.” — Indiana M.

“I think it definitely helped keep my dog in a calm state. Royce slept more deeply after eating the chews.” — Sam S.

Since CBD is a pretty new supplement for dogs, our testers were also reassured by buying from a company that took a scientific approach to CBD. 

“It's hard to quantify the difference that it's made, but CBD is often recommended by professionals for dogs his age, so I trust that using this product can only have benefits.” — Indiana M.

Norman with his ElleVet Sciences CBD dog chews. | Katy Brink

What Pets Loved: They Make Great Treats!

Getting your pup to take medicine or supplements can be a whole ordeal, but our judges thought these CBD dog chews were their newest tasty treat — and they loved gobbling them up!

Telly gets very excited as soon as he hears me open the bag and eats it so fast, I'm not sure he's chewing it.” — Indiana M.

The first time I gave Romeo a chew, he sniffed it out of curiosity and then proceeded to devour it and begged for more. Every time after, he was so excited and eager to get the chews. He particularly liked to take them to a secluded area so he could enjoy them ‘privately.’" — Rachel E.

“We added it to Norman’s food, and he wolfed it down as usual.” — Katy B.

Telly is begging for his CBD chew. | Indiana Mérali

What Parents Loved: They Seemed To Make A Difference!

No pet parent likes when their pup is struggling — whether that’s with joint issues, mobility problems or just being a senior — so ours were so excited to see that the ElleVet Sciences soft dog chews seemed to have positive effects on their BFFs.

Norman’s still a senior dog who has been through a couple of surgeries and has to take it easy, but it means the world to see him smiling after a ball game and enjoying his life. We can take him on a long hike, and it fills my heart to see him sprinting around off-leash.” — Katy B.

“The product claims to help with joint pain, comfort and mobility. I believe that it lives up to these claims based on my dog's energy levels and overall mobility.” — Indiana M.

“Royce seems a lot more chill now in general after using the CBD chews for a while. It helps promote deep sleep and it claims to help joint issues (which isn't an issue for Royce right now, but hopefully it's helping to prevent issues later on).” — Sam S.

And it’s always a relief when you know exactly what you’re giving your dog, and not stressing about chemicals and compounds with long names you can’t pronounce.

I love that the ingredients are all recognizable and all ingredients that I would consume myself. This makes me more comfortable feeding them to Romeo.” — Rachel E.

And thanks to the packaging, you don’t have to worry about the ElleVet Sciences chews getting stale.

“I like how the packaging is resealable to keep the chews fresh without having to use a clip.” — Rachel E.

Royce was so relaxed after eating his CBD dog chew. | Sam Schwab

Any Downsides?

A couple of our pet parents noticed these CBD dog chews are a bit on the stinky side.

The chews smell VERY strongly of cannabis, which I don't love. It lingers on my hands after I feed them to Romeo and makes his breath smell like he just lit up.” — Rachel E.

And, while the directions were easy to follow, our testers would’ve appreciated more details about the dosages.

“I found the dosage instructions to be a little confusing at first, and I also found it odd that I would give my dog more early on instead of letting him get used to smaller doses, so I felt an explanation on the packaging would have been helpful.” — Sam S.

But our entire judging panel agreed that the main issue is the cost.

One bag of 62 chews for dogs under 50 pounds is $79.95 — which is over $1 per chew. For dogs over 50 pounds, a bag of 62 chews goes for $89.95. So the product might be more cost-effective for pups who have diagnosed joint and mobility issues, rather than as a preventative treat for healthy pups.

(You can get 15% off if you decide to sign up for a subscription, but you can also get 10% off your purchase by using our exclusive code DODO at checkout, or by clicking this link to automatically apply the discount.) 

Despite the price, three of our four parent testers said they’d recommend the ElleVet CBD dog chews to other pet parents, and that they’d continue using the chews in some capacity after the testing period.

Our Takeaway: Definitely A Splurge, But Actually Helps Dogs’ Joints

If your pup’s joints tend to act up and stop him from living his best life, this CBD supplement could really be a life-changer for him and you.

Is there anything that would warm your heart more than seeing your dog active, happy and (most importantly) not in pain during playtime or long walks?

(And don’t forget to use our code DODO for 10% off!)

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