This Is The Most Convenient Poop Bag Dispenser You’ll Ever Find

Walks will never be the same 💩

Earth Rated Leash Dispenser With Poop Bags

Why We Love It:

This might be the most convenient leash dispenser ever. It’s super secure and has a clip to carry any used poop bags for you. The bags themselves are nice and thick to mask those nasty smells.

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Picking up poop is one of the least pleasant parts of your role as a pet parent, especially when you’re stuck carrying a poop-filled bag in your hand for the rest of your walk.

Enter the Earth Rated leash dispenser and poop bags.

We’re glad to award them our Paw of Approval because they made poop pickup way less gross and are super convenient in pretty much every way.

Keep reading to find out why we love this bundle so much.

What Are Earth Rated Poop Bags?

Earth Rated poop bags are thick, leak-proof bags made with environmentally conscious materials.

The cardboard cores of each roll are recyclable, as is the packaging the rolls come in.

Earth Rated poop bags come in two different scent options:

How Does The Earth Rated Leash Dispenser Work?

The Earth Rated leash dispenser holds 15 poop bags and attaches to any leash with its secure silicone loop.

The bottom unscrews so you can put in a new roll of bags, but the pins inside make sure that the bottom doesn’t come loose once it’s screwed back on.

There’s also a small hook on the back of the Earth Rated leash dispenser that you can actually use to hold any used poop bags so you don’t have to actually carry the nastiness in your hand.

What Comes In The Earth Rated Poop Bag And Leash Dispenser Bundle?

This Earth Rated bundle includes the leash dispenser and one 15-bag roll of poop bags. One roll won’t last you very long, but Earth Rated does offer both lavender and unscented refills.

You get a ton of bags in a box of refills, but they’re split into 15-bag rolls so they’ll fit inside your leash dispenser.

Our Reviewers

We picked five Dodo dogs who love their walks to put the Earth Rated poop bags and leash dispenser to the test. (But their parents were the real judges, since they’re the ones who actually had to clean up the poop.)

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Do The Earth Rated Leash Dispenser And Poop Bags Work?

Our pet parents were floored by how well the Earth Rated leash dispenser worked. They weren’t worried at all about it coming off of their leashes.

“The locking mechanism secured the bags and cap very well, and I never felt like it was going to fall off or even budge if I didn't want it to.” — Gianni J.

Clipping the Earth Rated dispenser to your leash also means you won’t forget anything when you head out on your walk.

“I don't have to think about bringing a poo bag.” — Marti T.

And clipping your used bag to the dispenser leaves your hands clean and stink-free.

The bag clip really does keep the full poop bag away from my moving legs, which I very much appreciate. How nice it was to not feel like my pants were going to smell like poo because there was just no way to avoid it while holding the bag in my hand.” — Sarah H.

The Earth Rated poop bags themselves are also super high quality and easy to use.

“They are thicker than the other compostable bags I have used in the past, yet easy to tear off from the roll.” — Sarah H.

earth rated poop bags and leash dispenser
Piper and her leash bag dispenser | Sarah Halliday

What We Love

There are so many things we love about the Earth Rated poop bags and leash dispenser.

It’s lightweight

The Earth Rated poop bags and leash dispenser don’t weigh much at all, so carrying them around will be no problem.

I forget it's even there attached to the leash — it's that light. I honestly never considered buying one that attaches because I thought it would feel super heavy, but it doesn't at all.” — Marti T.

It really works with any leash

The Earth Rated leash dispenser has a long loop clip that can fit so many different leash thicknesses.

The long silicone strap is easy to release and clip back together, which makes it really easy to add the dispenser to different leash styles.” — Jane Y.

It’s so versatile that it works with more than just leashes, too.

“The large loop meant I didn't have any difficulty attaching it wherever I wanted: on my leash, on my training belt, anywhere!” — Gianni J.

The bags are thick

The Earth Rated poop bags are made to be thick, which is something our pet parents really enjoyed.

“The bags are strong and durable and contain the unpleasant smell of the end of a walk. If a bag I'm carrying happens to brush against a tree on a hike, I want to know it's not going to rip open.” — Sarah H.

“The bags do feel extra strong, so I don't have to worry about my hands getting dirty.” — Julia G.

The thickness of the Earth Rated poop bags helps mask that nasty poop smell almost too well (as if that’s possible).

“I’ve forgotten there was a used poop bag still attached to the leash dispenser and brought used poop into my apartment. The poop bag was just sitting on my entry table, FOR HOURS! It's a testament to the poop bags’ odor-masking capabilities that I only noticed when I went to use the leash again for the next walk.” — Jane Y.

The bag clip is amazing

The Earth Rated poop dispenser’s best feature, according to our pet parents, was the little clip that holds used poop bags.

“I love the little built-in hook that lets me secure poop-filled bags when there's no trash can in sight. It's very handy to have! The hook was a great help, keeping my hands free while I walked Bowie (essential, because he's a handful).” — Gianni J.

This clip on the Earth Rated leash dispenser might even have you going on longer walks since you won’t have to carry your pup’s poop in your hand.

“Now that I don't have to worry about finding the nearest trash can to dump Lucy's used poop bag, we can go on longer walks in whatever direction she wants to go now.” — Jane Y.

And to make things even better, that tiny clip is super strong.

“I loved the bag clip. By far the most impressive part. It was even strong enough to carry two bags!” — Sarah H.

earth rated poop bags with leash dispenser
The clip held full poop bags so well. | Gianni Jaccoma

The dispenser is durable

Our human reviewers loved that the Earth Rated leash dispenser seemed like it could last for quite a while.

“The bulk of the dispenser is made from pretty thick plastic, and the flexible silicone strap at the top makes attaching and removing it from my belt very easy.” — Gianni J.

The sturdy material really seemed like it could take a beating.

“You can tell the plastic holder is not just going to get gross and degrade.” — Sarah H.

One of our pet parents noted this Earth Rated model is much better than the original dispenser design.

“The bag dispenser was also much sturdier and stayed on the leash when we went for walks. The original design used to come apart as I was walking, the bags would fall out and the Velcro strap started to tear.” — Julia G.

earth rated poop bags and leash dispenser
The dispenser is nice and secure on Cooper’s leash. | Julia Goorin

The lavender scent is perfect

The lavender smell of the scented Earth Rated poop bags was refreshing without being overpowering.

“The lavender scent is so subtle, just enough to mask the bad smells. So many times, scented items can overwhelm my senses and make me feel sick, but this was very nice and subtle.” — Sarah H.

It really helped keep the poop smell in check.

“I LOVED the smell of the lavender poop bags as they helped mask the smell of Cooper's poop.” — Julia G.

It doesn’t get in your dog’s way

The Earth Rated leash dispenser didn’t bother any of our dogs while they were out enjoying their walks.

“I've tried other leash dispensers that would bump against the leash and make annoying sounds that would bother Lucy. And that hasn't been an issue with this Earth Rated leash dispenser, so that's great.” — Jane Y.

earth rated poop bags and leash dispenser
Lucy is unbothered by the Earth Rated dispenser. | Jane Yum

It’s made with the environment in mind

It’s refreshing that the Earth Rated packaging is recyclable since so many poop bags are horrible for the environment.

“My partner and I also try to keep our waste footprint as small as possible. All of the packaging was eco-friendly.” — Sarah H.

It’s super affordable

The Earth Rated poop bags and leash dispenser bundle only costs $4.98, which our pet parents agreed is a total steal.

And when you inevitably go through the 15 included bags, a box of refills will only set you back $6.99. (A box of refills includes eight 15-bag rolls, for a total of 120 bags.)

The Downsides

We only had super minor complaints about the Earth Rated leash dispenser and poop bags.

It’s tricky to use one-handed

Our pet parents noticed it’s hard to actually use the bags when you only have one free hand because you’re holding your dog’s leash with the other.

(However, you’ll likely have that issue with most poop bags and dispensers.)

I wish I could use the bag holder clip with one hand. I can only clip in a used bag if I use both hands, which can get a bit awkward, but it takes all of two seconds, so it's not a real complaint.” — Jane Y.

“The bags can be a little tricky to open, especially if you're trying to do so one-handed.” — Gianni J.

Despite this small issue, all of our human testers plan to keep using the Earth Rated poop bags and leash dispenser and would even recommend them to other pet parents.

Is The Earth Rated Poop Bag And Leash Dispenser Bundle Worth It?

Picking up poop has never been easier thanks to the Earth Rated leash dispenser. And those poop bags are thick enough to mask odors and resist tearing.

And you can’t beat the fact that they’re super cheap and environmentally friendly.


Are Earth Rated poop bags biodegradable?

While the Earth Rated bags that come with the leash dispenser aren’t biodegradable themselves, the company does make compostable bags for super eco-conscious pet parents.

Get them from Amazon for $11.99+

Does Earth Rated offer bigger poop bags?

Sometimes, bigger dogs leave bigger messes. (They can’t help it!)

But bigger poops mean you need bigger poop bags. And Earth Rated offers extra-large options that are 11 inches long and 13 inches wide.

Get them from Amazon for $11.99

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