The Best Dog Wipes To Use Between Baths

And they’re compostable! 🐶

Earth Rated Compostable Wipes

Why We Loved Them:

They’re gentle enough to use every day!

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Our dogs tend to get dirty much more often than we’d like to bathe them,whether it’s a muddy belly and paws after a hike in the woods, or a bum that doesn’t always make a clean break from their poops.

That’s why we were so excited to try the Earth Rated Compostable Wipes, because not only do they promise to keep our pups’ butts, paws and fur clean, but they’re also environmentally friendly so that we don’t have to feel guilty about using them every time our dogs use the bathroom.

These wipes definitely earned our official Paw of Approval because of how gentle they were for daily use and how durable they were, holding up to the dirtiest messes.

Keep reading to find out more about what we loved.

What Are Earth Rated Compostable Wipes?

Earth Rated Compostable Wipes are plant-based wipes that are certified compostable. They’re made using Lenzing viscose fibers (which is a woven fiber made from sustainably sourced forests) and meet the USDA standards to be composted in a municipal composting facility.

Being USDA Certified 99% Biobased means that all of the ingredients are made from sustainable sources. In the case of Earth Rated Compostable Wipes, this refers to the pulp, wood and fiber used to make them!

You can check out the different kinds of Earth Rated Compostable Wipes here.

How Do The Earth Rated Compostable Wipes Work?

These wipes are hypoallergenic and super gentle, so they’re able to be used on your dog's booty or face (and also to clean her paws or wherever else she might get dirty) daily.

They don’t leave behind any residue or funky smells, and you can easily compost them after use, whether you do it safely at home or use a municipal compost.

These wipes come in a handy portable package that allows for easy travel and keeps your wipes damp long after opening! Perfect for keeping your pup’s booty soft even if you use them frequently.

Our reviewers

We picked five office pups who love going out on walks (or rolling around in dirt) to see if these wipes would keep them clean.

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Do The Earth Rated Compostable Wipes Work?

When it comes to keeping our dogs clean? These wipes definitely do the job.

Lucy getting her paws wiped down | Jane Yum

“The Earth Rated wipes did live up to their claims. They effectively cleaned Lucy's paws and sensitive areas without any wet residue. The lavender-scented wipes smelled really good; I'd use them on myself!” — Jane Y.

And not only do these wipes keep your dog clean (and smelling great), but they’re also gentle enough to use on sensitive skin.

“Boo's a senior, she needs a little extra cleansing here and there, and these are great for her sensitive skin.” — Marti T.

What We Love About The Earth Rated Compostable Wipes

They get rid of dirt, pee and other gross things

Since our dogs are definitely tracking in all kinds of outside grime when they come inside from walks, these wipes helped to clean off all that NYC filth so that our pups could snuggle on the couch at night.

“The wipes were effective in removing dirt, pee and more from her paws and fur, so I'm not worried about her bringing contaminants into the apartment, and she can enjoy being on any of the furniture she wants.” — Jane Y.

They’re high quality

Bowie wearing his best outfit for his new wipes | Gianni Jaccoma

These wipes are built to catch a bunch of debris, but they’re also made to hold up to sharp dog nails without breaking apart.

“They're durable enough to be used on dog claws without ripping to shreds, too.” — Gianni J.

The lavender ones smell amazing

While these come in two different scents — unscented and lavender — the lavender ones were a favorite.

“The lavender-scented ones were lovely. They smelled like real essential oils and not an artificial lavender perfume.” — Jane Y.

They stay moist after they’re opened

Cooper being a good boy while getting his paws cleaned | Julia Goorin

These wipes don’t lose their moisture thanks to smart packaging.

“I can confirm the wipes stay extra damp, even long after opening, and the wipes are definitely perfect for everyday use.” — Julia G.

They’re gentle enough for sensitive skin

One important quality about these wipes is that they’re gentle enough to use on your dog's skin every day. Made with shea butter, aloe vera and chamomile, they’re also vegan.

“It's nice to have a go-to product that is gentle enough for (in my case) a senior with very sensitive skin.” — Marti T.

They’re great for between baths

These wipes worked great for Piper, who loves wiggling around in stinky things whenever she gets the chance. Her person doesn’t want to always have to give her a bath when she gets dirty, so these worked perfectly between sessions.

“We usually wipe her down after excursions and give her a bath about once a month, or when the mess really calls for it.” — Sarah H.

They don’t leave behind a weird smell

Piper with her Earth Rated Compostable Wipes | Sarah Halliday

Since these wipes don’t leave behind a funky residue, they also don’t leave behind their own scent.

One of our pups hates weird smells on her fur that she doesn’t roll in herself, and luckily she didn’t seem to mind the unscented wipes at all.“Piper's reaction was lovely, meaning no reaction at all. With some wipes, she doesn't seem to like the smell (and neither do I!) and she seems agitated for about an hour after the application. The unscented wipes worked so well and she slipped right into her normal playful self without looking at me like I had taken her scent away.” — Sarah H.

The Downsides

The packaging can be hard to open

One of our testers did cite that the packaging could be a little difficult to get open.

“I didn't love the clasp. It was harder to open than I'm used to for these kinds of things, though it did seem really secure when I closed it.” — Jane Y.

But the upside of that is a secure clasp ensures that the wipes don’t dry out.

Bowie and the Earth Rated Compostable Wipes | Gianni Jaccoma

“The portable packaging has done a good job of keeping the wipes from drying out.” — Gianni J.

You might waste more wipes than needed

While the packaging definitely keeps the wipes moist, Julia did notice that sometimes a few wipes would come out when she was only looking for one.

“The one downside is that sometimes several wipes came out at once, but otherwise the packaging itself was easy to use.” — Julia G.

The unscented ones might have a funky smell

While the lavender-scented wipes were loved by most of our testers, the unscented ones were noted to smell a little strange (although some testers didn’t mind this at all).

“The unscented ones smelled clean, but while they didn't have a bad smell, it wasn't good either. Really hard to describe, but I just personally didn't care for it.” — Jane Y.

Of course they definitely smell better than what you’re cleaning off your pup, so it shouldn’t be a major issue.

Are The Earth Rated Compostable Wipes Worth It?

When it comes to keeping your dog clean between baths, these wipes will definitely do the trick.

Boo and her Earth Rated Compostable Wipes | Marti Trgovich

“I love that they're wipes made specifically for dogs, and they're also safe for the environment.” — Marti T.


How often should I wipe down my dog?

A general rule is to wipe down your pup's paws every time you come home from a walk to avoid bringing in any dirt from the outside. You can use these wipes on her face or fur anytime you think she could be freshened up.

Are there different kinds of Earth Rated Compostable Wipes?

There are! You can check out the different kinds of wipes here.

How do I compost these wipes?

If you already do composting at home, you can just put these wipes in your usual compost pile. If not, you can have a municipal compost pick your compost up for you. Contact your local compost to find out more.

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