Say Goodbye To Your Dog’s Loose Hair With The Dyson Groom Tool

This vacuum attachment is perfect for dogs who shed 🐶

Dog parents of furry pups know what it’s like to look around and see piles of loose dog hair … everywhere. Like doing laundry and washing the dishes, keeping your dog’s hair looking nice — and off the floor — is a recurring chore.

Luckily, there are grooming tools available that can make managing your pup’s locks at home a little easier (and less of a hassle).

Enter the Dyson Groom Tool. The attachment — easily compatible with many Dyson vacuum models — claims to capture your medium- to long-haired adult dog’s loose hair and allergens quickly and comfortably, so I decided to put it to the test.

The subject? Lambeau, my exceedingly hairy golden retriever.

Ellen Schmidt

The breed is known for their thick hair, and Lambeau could be the poster child for shedding dogs everywhere. Simply put, if he moves, he sheds (it’s safe to say my Dyson and I have gotten very well acquainted over the years).

Dyson Groom Tool
Ellen Schmidt

While testing this dog grooming tool, I considered several factors: how easy it was to use, my dog’s reaction to the noise while his hair was (essentially) being vacuumed, and of course, how well the attachment did at removing his loose hair.

Keep reading to find out why the Dyson Groom Tool has earned our official Paw of Approval!

Dyson Groom Tool

Why We Love It:

A must for furry dogs with medium to long coats, the Dyson Groom tool attaches easily, works like a brush making hair disappear and is easy to store!

How does the Dyson Groom Tool work?

If you have a Dyson vacuum cleaner, you’re likely already adept at switching attachments depending on what kind of cleaning you’re doing, and this one is no different.

The one-piece Dyson Groom Tool is small and compact, easily attaching to your vacuum’s nozzle. After you hear that familiar “click,” you’ll be ready to get down to business.

When you press down on the grooming tool, flexible bristles (there are 364 in total!) appear to look like an actual brush. (You’ll need to keep your finger pressed down on the handle as you brush your dog’s coat — this did not bother me, but should be noted for anyone who might have health issues in their hands, like arthritis.)

Angled at 35 degrees, the bristles flex to an upright position, capturing loose hair and allergens (dead skin cells) along the way as you gently work through your dog’s hair. Then, when you release your finger, the hair caught in the bristles gets sucked into the vacuum.

It’s really that simple. And thanks to those sharp bristles, the grooming itself doesn’t take long.
Lambeau didn’t seem to mind the sound of the vacuum, but if your dog’s sensitive to noise, there are a few tips you can try:

  • Place the vacuum attachment in view of your dog so he can get used to it first.
  • Encourage your dog to go near the vacuum cleaner by feeding him in front of it.
  • Repeat the above step, but this time turn your Dyson on.
  • Groom your dog without the vacuum attached first.
  • Praise and reward your dog for his good behavior as you begin using the tool!

Additionally, there are a few things you’ll want to remember when using the Dyson Groom Tool:

  • Your dog’s hair should be clean and completely dry before using the tool.
  • Remove knots and tangles before use.
  • Do not use on delicate areas around ears, genitals and stomach.
  • Do not overuse on one particular area; apply smooth strokes as you work your way through his coat.
  • Always groom in the direction of your dog’s coat.

Pro tip: You may want to have another person nearby to help (one person to hold and soothe your dog, if needed, and one to do the actual brushing).

How much does it cost?

At $70 on the company’s website, the Dyson Groom Tool can also be found on Amazon for $61.

Pros and cons of the Dyson Groom Tool

As mentioned above, I wanted to measure how easy the Dyson Groom Tool was to use, my dog’s reaction to the noise while his hair was (essentially) being vacuumed, and of course, how well the attachment did at removing his loose hair.


  • After easily attaching to my Dyson vacuum hose, the Groom Tool essentially turns into a brush, catching hair like a brush would as I worked my way through my dog’s hair.
  • Did it capture every single last hair? No. But it got most of them, and it was super satisfying to see the captured hair get sucked away when I released the button!
  • Its small size (6 ½ x 4 inches) makes storing the Dyson Groom Tool a breeze.
  • Lambeau was not bothered by the noise, but this may be case specific, so you’ll want to consider how your dog is around loud noise before purchasing.


  • The bristles are sharp, so be careful when using (especially if there are young children nearby).
  • It’s important to have healthy dexterity in your fingers since you’ll need to hold down a button while using the tool to keep the bristles out. This was not uncomfortable for me, but should be taken into account.
  • The Dyson Groom Tool is not for all dog hair types — it is specifically designed for medium- to long-haired dogs.
  • You need to own a Dyson vacuum to use this product.

The Dyson Groom Tool scores big points for being small, which makes storing it simple and eliminates the need for a separate dog grooming tool. By simply attaching onto the nozzle of your Dyson vacuum cleaner, you’ll instantly have a grooming tool that captures your (medium- to long-haired) adult dog’s loose hair and sucks it away with the release of your thumb. Easy breezy!

Compared to similar dog grooming kits on the market, the Dyson grooming tool is both less expensive and not overwhelming to use as it’s only one piece (and a small one at that) — hurrah!

However, this product isn’t super inclusive, since it’ll only work if you already have a Dyson vacuum.

The competition

While there are similar dog grooming products in the marketplace, the Dyson Groom Tool is a no brainer if you already happen to own a Dyson vacuum. I am currently testing the Neobot Professional Pet Grooming Vacuum Kit, which in addition to offering a vacuum tool, offers all of the additional tools needed to fully groom your pet (though to be quite honest, I find the idea of using all those tools a bit nerve-wracking).

Is it worth buying?

Based on its size, ease of use and affordability (compared to other dog hair removal products), I think the Dyson Groom Tool is worth its $61 price tag. Dyson’s reputation as one of the best vacuum cleaner manufacturers clearly extends to this tool, and I’ve seen significantly less of Lambeau’s dog hair on the floor since beginning to use this product.

As I tested this product on Lambeau’s loose dog hair and watched as his caught hair disappeared, I might have thought to myself, “Why did it take me so long to get one of these?” (This is, in fact, exactly what I thought.) And because it sucked away his loose hair so quickly, the whole process didn’t take long, which is convenient for medium- to long-haired dogs who may not love the sound of a vacuum cleaner.

While I may not be quitting my day job to become a dog groomer, one thing’s for certain: My dog’s hair looks a lot better in a vacuum cleaner than on the floor.

Dyson Groom Tool

Why We Love It:

A must for furry dogs with medium to long coats, the Dyson Groom tool attaches easily, works like a brush making hair disappear and is easy to store!
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