These Shirts Let Us Match With Our Dogs And We (Unironically) Love Wearing Them

Seriously, they’re perfect 👯

Dog Threads Hawaiian Shirts

Why We Love Them:

These shirts are super comfortable and really fun — to the point that we’d wear them anywhere! Plus, a percentage of each sale gets donated to an animal rescue!

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Matching sweaters for dogs and their parents are all over the place, but there aren’t as many options for twinning it up in warmer weather.

That’s why when we first saw these Dog Threads Hawaiian shirts, we were super excited — and jumped at the chance to try them out ourselves.

They might look a little campy, in the best possible way, but when we actually tried them, we were blown away. The styles are fun, the fabric was comfy and our dogs (and their parents) turned heads everywhere they went.

Keep reading to find out what else we enjoyed about these Dog Threads shirts, and why they earned our Paw of Approval.

What Are Dog Threads Hawaiian Shirts?

Dog Threads are ethically made matching Hawaiian shirts for pups and their parents. They’re available in all sorts of fun prints, like Island Nights, Surf’s Up and even 5 O’Clock Somewhere (aka little martini glasses).

The dog shirts are designed to fit dogs from 5 to 110 pounds, and the human shirts fit both adults and kids. (Each shirt is sold individually, so you can build your own matching set.)

While we only tried the Hawaiian shirts, Dog Threads also makes T-shirts, flannel shirts, sweats, sweaters and pajamas.

And the company gives back, too — leftover fabric from creating the shirts is used to make dog beds that are donated to local shelters, and Dog Threads also donates 2 percent of every sale to different nonprofit rescues.

Our Reviewers

We picked three dogs who wanted to model some summer shirts to give Dog Threads a try. (And they got to team up with their parents for judging!)

Zemi really likes wearing sweaters in the winter, but we basically have nothing for him to wear in the summer!” — his person, Matt Fornwald
She has a pair of pajamas and some outdoor gear, but not a summer shirt.” — her person, Keren Masser
“I love dressing up Darcy whenever I get the chance. There aren't a lot of opportunities to dress up your pup in the summer.” — her person, Lily Feinn

So … How Did We Look Together?

All of our parent judges thought their dogs looked perfect in their Dog Threads shirts — which became super clear on walks when they turned heads everywhere they went.

“I love walking Darcy down the street in her shirt and watching people do a double-take or start giggling when they see her strutting her stuff. Little kids especially love it when she passes by! What's better than a happy dog in a vintage red Hawaiian print shirt?” — Lily F.

Zemi looks absolutely dashing in it. The shirt fits him super well, which I was pleased to see, since he has a somewhat unusual frame, and stuff doesn't always sit on him perfectly.” — Matt F.

“​​The shirt did hang a bit on Storm’s small, yet muscular body. It wasn’t the perfect fit, but that made it all the more adorable to watch her strut her stuff around the house in a Hawaiian shirt.” — Keren M.

The shirts were also a big hit with their parents — and not just as a joke! Our human testers were impressed with the way their shirts looked and felt on them, too. (We also tried a shirt out on one of our pup’s toddler siblings, and you know he’d tell us if he didn’t love it!)

“I've worn it everywhere and have gotten tons of compliments. The bold pattern and color are perfect for summer hangouts and BBQs. It goes perfectly with jeans and shorts, and I have yet to find a better-fitting women's Hawaiian shirt.” — Lily F.

I really was impressed — it's probably one of the nicer shirts I own now! The shirts are really handsome, with vibrant colors and designs.” — Matt F.

It was definitely a very silly, joyful experience having all four of us wear the same shirt. Made my day. It was 100 percent worth the laughs.” — Keren M.

dog threads
Storm’s whole family got matching Dog Threads shirts. | Keren Masser

What We Loved

There were a few things we really loved about the Dog Threads shirts.

Our dogs actually liked wearing them

Clothes aren’t for every dog, but our judges were stoked when their parents pulled out their Dog Threads shirts.

Zemi is about 50/50 with wearing outfits, but he was incredibly comfortable and happy in his shirt. He was wagging his tail from the moment I started to put it on him. He wore it all the way to the park and back, then when we got home, he dozed off still wearing it.” — Matt F.

“Storm got very excited when I went to put her new shirt on. She knows something special is happening when we get her ‘dressed up.’ Our son, Miles, also got very excited about this matching concept.” — Keren M.

“Darcy didn't seem to mind wearing this shirt at all and forgot she had it on. The cut of the shirt allows her to move freely, no matter if she’s playing or napping.” — Lily F.

dog threads
Zemi and his person twinning in their Dog Threads shirts | Matt Fornwald

The Quality’s Great

Going in, our pet parents thought these shirts would be more of a costume sort of thing. But once they saw them in person, they quickly realized they were perfect for everyday (unironic!) wear.

The quality, style and attention to detail was all really impressive, especially on the shirts for our dogs.

I particularly liked the brown buttons on his shirt — kinda wish I had the same on mine. Typically, dog shirts that imitate button-downs have the buttons on the back. I was glad to see that they actually designed these shirts to fit on dogs like they're an actual shirt!” — Matt F.

“​​The little wooden buttons are adorable.” — Lily F.

They’re lightweight

The silky rayon material was also perfect for summer wear and was a nice change from all the matching dog sweaters on the market.

“The shirts are, indeed, really lightweight. We wore them on a warm, breezy day and I felt like I was chilling on the beach. The fabric is really, really soft and super breathable.” — Matt F.

“​​I was surprised how airy it felt in the humidity. I was definitely comfortable in it, and everyone else seemed to be as well.” — Keren M.

They’re durable

Most parents noticed the Dog Threads shirts seemed really high-quality as well as durable —in both the dog and human versions.

“Darcy has run and played in hers and I’ve worked out in mine, and not a single seam has popped. We've washed and worn our matching shirts numerous times, and they still look like new.” — Lily F.

The company gives back

It’s also so heartwarming to know that the company uses every sale to help out animal rescues.

“I love that a portion of the proceeds goes to helping a dog find their forever home!” — Keren M.

“I also love that the company donates 2 percent of its sales to animal rescues and excess fabric to the making of dog beds for shelter animals.” — Lily F.

It was also a major plus for our parents that Dog Threads shirts are ethically made.

“I love that the shirts are ethically made. The company focuses on fair labor practices and recyclable, sustainable shipping.” — Lily F.

dog threads
Darcy, her person and her friend Hopper look so cute in their matching shirts. | Lily Feinn

The Downsides

While our judges loved their Dog Threads shirts, there are some minor downsides.

Finding the right size can be tough

Like a lot of dog clothes, if your dog is on the cusp in between sizes, it might be a little tricky to find the right fit.

When I tried the size small shirt on Darcy, it seemed a little tight on her shoulders and, at first, she refused to move in it. I requested a size up to see if that would fix the shoulder problem, but when I tried the medium shirt on Darcy, it was way too baggy around her middle.” — Lily F.

And since these shirts are made to look good above all else, they’re not the most practical for wearing with a harness.

Typically, dog outfits are sized for them to wear a harness. These are a bit more stylish, so I can see why they aren't built for harnesses, but I was a little bummed that I had to use his collar for the walk (since it's less comfortable for him).” — Matt F.

“The shirt didn’t hamper Darcy’s walking, though it did bunch a little with a harness over it.” — Lily F.

The material isn’t the fanciest

One pet parent was also hoping the material was a bit more posh.

“The fabric doesn't feel luxurious. I wish it were a bit more high-end.” — Keren M.

They can be pricey

Dog Threads matching shirts range from $27 to $78, so our human testers were a little mixed about whether or not the price was too expensive (especially since ordering more than one shirt will add up if you want to match with your pup).

However, they’ll all continue wearing their Dog Threads shirts and definitely recommend them to other pet parents who are looking for something extra special.

Are Dog Threads Shirts Worth It?

You might get a laugh from the idea of wearing matching Hawaiian shirts with your dog, but these Dog Threads look so good that you’ll honestly want to rock them everywhere.

They’re also lightweight and airy, which means you and your pup can comfortably wear them in warmer weather.

You can find dog sweaters pretty much anywhere, but Hawaiian shirts for your pup are much harder to come by — so we’re thrilled to have found such unique shirts we can coordinate with our BFFs.

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