We Found A Crate That Totally Changed Our Dog’s Mind About Crates

Etta was terrified of them — but then we found the gold standard of dog crates 🏅

Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Why We Love It:

The material and design keep your dog from getting caught or hurt. It’s also super versatile and has a garage-style door on the side that allows you to open up the crate and give your dog more space.

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Crates are a must-have for a lot of dog parents, but horror stories about pups getting their collars caught on the wires or getting hurt trying to escape can scare some people out of using them.

So, how do you keep your dog contained without worrying about those things?

Enter: the Diggs Revol dog crate, which is designed to prevent those problems from arising while also looking great in your home.

The Dodo had one of our dogs who had a scary experience with a previous crate give it a try. Here’s why it earned our Paw of Approval.

What Is The Diggs Revol Dog Crate?

The Diggs Revol dog crate design is inspired by the quality standards in the baby industry — which actually makes a lot of sense, since your dog is basically your baby — and features a diamond pattern on the sides and the door to protect your pup from getting hurt, stuck or snagged.

It’s also super convenient. It’s collapsible so you can fold it up and bring it wherever you need to go, and has wheels so you can easily move it around your house. It even includes a carrying handle to make it extra easy to carry.

The design includes a door on top, a door on the end and a garage-style door on the side (meaning it pushes up into the top of the crate).

It also includes a pull-out tray on the bottom for easy cleaning and a puppy divider you can put inside until your little guy gets bigger.

It’s currently available in three different colors as well as small and medium sizes, which fit dogs up to 50 pounds. (There’s a running waitlist for a larger size, so you can add your name to be notified when it’s available.)

The Judge

To make the judging extra rigorous, we picked one Dodo dog who’d been burned by her old crate and was bravely in the market for a new one to try.

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So … Did Etta Actually Like Being In The Crate?

Crates can be so scary, especially if your pup has been pinched in the past — or, in Etta’s case, gotten her jaw stuck.

Etta was not a fan of her old wire crate that we eventually coined ‘the dwelling’ — a place where she would go to rage poo if she was angry at us, and once got her jaw stuck in the wire. It was a dark and scary space for all of us.” — Laurel B.

This meant Etta was a little nervous at first (which makes sense, since she was probably traumatized by her last crate experience).

“So when we finally upgraded to the Revol dog crate, Etta was understandably suspicious. It took a bit of time and coaxing for her to realize this was something different than ‘the dwelling.’” — Laurel B.

But after a while, Etta made herself right at home in the Diggs Revol dog crate.

We found that Etta happily goes in here and lays down for a couple hours every day while we work.” — Laurel B.

Even with all the doors shut, Etta’s new crate is actually a soothing place instead of a scary one.

“We're counting ourselves lucky puppy parents because there have only been a couple times in the past two weeks where we've needed to put her in the crate unwillingly and shut the door. But even then, she quickly calms down, is completely comfortable and, most importantly, SAFE.” — Laurel B.

Etta in her new Diggs Revol dog crate. | Laurel Burgam

What Etta Loved: How Open It Can Be!

Wire crates can feel super confining, but since the side doors fold up, it was easier for Etta to feel like she wasn’t imprisoned inside her new crate.

“The best feature of this crate for us so far is the side door that slides up. Once we introduced the open-space concept of this crate, she turned it into her lovely little den.” — Laurel B.

The open option also makes it easier for Etta when she does need to be more contained.

“The versatility of the crate's layout has allowed Etta to form a comfortable relationship with the space. So, when we do close it up, she's still happy and used to it.” — Laurel B.

Etta loves how the sides open up. | Laurel Burgam

What Etta’s Mom Loved: That Etta Is Safe!

The garage-style door wasn’t just Etta’s favorite part of her new crate — Laurel loved it, too.

Additionally, we're often changing the ‘layout’ of the crate to fit our needs — such a cool design that we didn't even know we needed. We like to slide the sides up and lock it so that it turns into an open space for our pup.” — Laurel B.

But Laurel’s absolute favorite part of the Diggs Revol dog crate is that she wasn’t worried Etta would get hurt like she did with her last crate.

“We were desperate to upgrade our old crate after our puppy got her jaw stuck in the bars. With Digg's Revol dog crate, we have had no issues, and I don't anticipate her ever getting stuck with this design. When we eventually begin leaving Etta in the crate unsupervised, I feel confident that this will keep her safely contained.” — Laurel B.

Laurel loves the safety element so much that she can’t imagine Etta using anything else ever again.

“I don't think I'd feel comfortable going back to the traditional wire crate after knowing that there is a much safer and more versatile option like this available.” — Laurel B.

Etta closed in to her crate. | Laurel Burgam

Plus, the Diggs Revol crate is way easier on the eyes than a traditional crate.

“It is truly a BEAUTIFUL design both in its aesthetics and usage. No longer do we have the depressing eyesore of the traditional black wire crate in our home. This one is so sleek and fits all our needs, and more.” — Laurel B.

And the setup was a total breeze.

“The directions were simple and visually pleasing. Getting the crate up and running took all of 10 minutes!” — Laurel B.

The quality of the material feels really long-lasting, too, which is great if your pup is a digger or an aggressive chewer.

This crate is fairly easy to collapse and move around while being insanely sturdy. I'm not concerned about any parts breaking with our heavy usage.” — Laurel B.

The instructions were super simple to follow. | Laurel Burgam

Any Downsides?

Only minor complaints from our judge and her mom!

At first, the crate was a little noisy, which took some getting used to.

Sliding the side doors up and down and locking them can be a little loud. At first, it was a bit scary to Etta. But as we've gotten the hang of it and she's been around it more, that's no longer an issue!” — Laurel B.

And since the crate is so durable, it’s not exactly lightweight.

“The sturdy materials can be a bit heavy to carry/move. That said, I'd much rather have it this way than have a flimsy crate that I can't trust!” — Laurel B.

Luckily, the wheels pretty much make that a non-issue.

The only other concern is the price tag.

The Diggs Revol dog crate will set you back $245 for the small size and $325 for the medium. But according to Laurel, it’s completely worth it for a crate you can feel safe using.

“I can safely say I would pay retail price for it. We spent that much already trying other crates that broke or were unsafe. This crate puts my mind and puppy at ease, and I would happily pay retail price for that.” — Laurel B.

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Our Takeaway: Safety Is Worth The Splurge!

When it comes to your pup, safety is always the number one priority.

You’d think it would be impossible for a dog who’s had a traumatic experience with a crate to ever feel comfortable in one again, which is why Etta’s love for her new Diggs crate is such a huge success.

Besides, what’s better than knowing your dog is comfy, happy and safe in her crate (especially when it’s such a pretty one)?

(And don’t forget to use our code THEDODO25 to get $25 off!)

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