This Football Dog Toy Is Practically Indestructible

And it’s so easy for our pups to pick up themselves 🏈

Chuckit! Fumble Fetch

Why We Love It:

It’s so easy for us — and our dogs — to hold. The unique design is great for throwing, and the material is super durable.

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Footballs are so much fun to toss around with your friends — but that’s not always the case with your dog.

Sure, you can throw footballs nice and far, but they’re a little too big for most pups to pick up and bring back to you.

That’s where the Chuckit! Fumble Fetch comes in — it’s made with a unique welt design to give your dog’s mouth something he can actually grab onto, pick up and even throw for himself.

The material is also supposed to be impossible to puncture, which we were eager to test out on our most aggressive chewers.

And it didn’t disappoint! We’re thrilled to give this unique football toy our Paw of Approval since it really levels up our fetch game — read on to find out more!

What Is The Chuckit! Fumble Fetch?

The Chuckit! Fumble Fetch is a football-shaped fetch toy with a unique welt design that makes it super easy for your dog to actually pick up and carry around.

And while the welts were created with your dog in mind, this toy’s football shape makes it easy for you to grip and throw as well.

Plus, it’ll bounce a bit more erratically than a standard round tennis ball, keeping your pup entertained and on his toes.

According to the company, the Chuckit! Fumble Fetch toy for dogs is puncture resistant and won’t deflate because it’s made out of rubber, polyester and foam.

While it’s built to last, this football toy is still incredibly lightweight, so throwing it is a total breeze. In fact, it’s so light that you can play with it in water, since it’ll float for easy retrieval.

The Chuckit! Fumble Fetch is also a brightly colored orange and blue, so you’ll never lose sight of it.

The Judges

We picked six Dodo dogs who live for fetch and love to chew to give the Chuckit! Fumble Fetch a try. (We threw some super heavy chewers in the mix to make judging extra tough.)

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So … Is It Actually Puncture Resistant?

Our judging panel for the Chuckit! Fumble Fetch toy for dogs was full of some dedicated chewers — but like the company promised, the toy held up to some pretty intense play.

“The fabric doesn’t seem to tear easily. Zemi tears up most toys within the first hour, but the Fumble Fetch is still perfectly intact.” — Matt F.

“Guy is a big chewer and he hasn't been able to rip it, so I can say that the quality of this football is very good and lasting. This fabric has proved to be ‘Guy resistant’ and that's a lot to say!” — Joy G.

Zuko’s a power chewer, and it withstands his bite marks. He's unable to puncture it, which is great. Other balls we've used don't last very long.” — Chelsi T.

One of our testers, Katie, is actually pretty dainty when it comes to toys — so she had a playdate with a pup who’s a bit more intense, but who still couldn’t do any damage to the Fumble Fetch.

“Katie is pretty gentle with her toys, but she played with this with my parents’ golden — who is not very gentle — and it was totally able to withstand rough play.” — Emily F.

chuckit fumble fetch
The Fumble Fetch’s shape makes it easy for Guy to carry around. | Joy Gavillon

What Pets Loved: The Size And Shape Is Fun And Different!

The welts on the Chuckit! Fumble Fetch allowed our judges to pick it up and carry it around easily. Without those grooves, they definitely would’ve struggled to grab onto such a big toy.

The unique design even let them throw the Fumble Fetch up in the air all on their own. (Plus, the football shape made those bounces extra random and so much fun.)

“It is easy for humans and pups to hold. When we were tired and sat down, Zemi continued to toss it for himself and chase it. The shape and size makes it roll unpredictably, so it keeps Zemi's mind busy and entertained.” — Matt F.

The football shape was also high quality and seems to be good for mouthy dogs.” — Emily F.

Hank and Tyson loved playing fetch and running around with it. We have two big pit bulls, so the size was awesome for them.” — Jordan S.

“The biggest pros of the Fumble Fetch are its durability and size. I could tell Zuko liked it because he would always pull it out of his toy box.” — Chelsi T.

“The shape and color of the Chuckit! Fumble Fetch caught his attention immediately. The football shape makes it very easy for the dogs to pick up.” — Joy G.

One of our judges was more used to standard tennis balls, so she struggled at first to hold it in her mouth. But that actually turned out to be a ton of fun for her.

“Katie liked the size and shape because it was different than anything else she has. Because it was larger than her usual tennis ball she plays with, it challenged her a lot because it would slip out of her mouth and she would have to chase it around.” — Emily F.

chuckit fumble fetch
The shape was so interesting! | Emily Feld

What Parents Loved: It’s Easy To See And Easy To Throw!

Green tennis balls get lost in the grass and brown footballs blend in with the dirt, but the orange and blue Chuckit! Fumble Fetch is pretty impossible to lose sight of, no matter where you are.

“It's easy to see due to the bright orange color. It makes it easy to find in a yard and it makes it easy for the dog’s eyes to follow when in the air.” — Matt F.

I like the bright color of it so we can keep an eye on it at the park or beach to know where it is so we don’t lose it.” — Emily F.

I'm also a big fan of the Chuckit! colors ‘cause it's always easy to find and keep track of the ball.” — Jordan S.

Our human judges were also impressed with the way the material, shape and design made this football so easy to hold and throw.

“It's also very light and it has a good grip for us humans to carry it around with no trouble.” — Joy G.

“The welt design makes it easy to throw. This is such a great way to play with him in a yard.” — Matt F.

chuckit fumble fetch
Zemi and his human can both hold onto the Fumble Fetch really well. | Matt Fornwald

Our parents also thought it was really impressive that their pups could play with the Chuckit! Fumble Fetch for so long without getting sick of it — and it definitely made their usual play sessions much more dynamic and original.

“Zemi will respond to it like a treat. I don't think there are any other toys of his that he will follow commands for the way he does with the Fumble Fetch.” — Matt F.

“It bounces in an unexpected way that becomes more challenging for Guy to catch, and watching him try can be very funny! He's not usually that into balls, but this football increased his interest for balls and is helping a lot with teaching him how to fetch.” — Joy G.

“It kept Katie entertained for a long time because of the shape and size.” — Emily F.

chuckit fumble fetch
The grip is so good that it works as a tug toy, too. | Matt Fornwald

Any Downsides?

Unfortunately the Chuckit! Fumble Fetch isn’t truly indestructible — even though it comes really, really close. When it comes to extreme chewing, our judges Hank and Tyson are probably the mouthiest pups we’ve got, and they eventually managed to destroy the Chuckit! Fumble Fetch.

But that’s kind of an inevitability with the two of them, and their human was still impressed that it took the pups as long as it did to tear it up.

We have big chewers, and the Fumble Fetch was destroyed and torn open by the end of the first day. But it did last longer than some other balls we've had!” — Jordan S.

And while the football’s size was perfect for our judging panel, it might be a little less manageable for very tiny pups with smaller mouths.

“The size could be an issue for smaller dogs as it might not fit in their mouth to be carried.” — Matt F.

At $21.95, the Chuckit! Fumble Fetch is pricier than your typical ball, so our human testers were torn about the cost. Ultimately, three of our five pet parents thought the price was fair considering the significant durability.

And our entire human judging panel said they would recommend the Chuckit! Fumble Fetch to other pet parents, provided you don’t have an unusually extreme chewer.

Our Takeaway: Fetch With A Football Isn’t Impossible Anymore!

Your dog loves chasing footballs because they fly far and bounce like crazy. But if he can’t carry it in his mouth, his only option is to chew it until it’s just a pile of shreds.

The Chuckit! Fumble Fetch toy for dogs solves both those problems!

The welt design makes it unbelievably easy for your pup to pick up a ball that otherwise wouldn’t fit in his mouth.

And the rubber, polyester and foam make the Chuckit! Fumble Fetch almost indestructible — barring the most extreme chewers — so most pups will get to enjoy their new favorite toy for longer than they usually do.

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