This Pet Hair Roller Is Way Better Than Any Lint Roller

No more fur-covered everything 🥳

ChomChom Roller

Why We Love It:

It gets pet hair off our furniture better than most products out there — no batteries or sticky tape required.

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Having a pet means accepting that everything you own will be covered in hair until the end of time, and stubborn stray hairs will never leave your sweaters and sofas.

That’s why we couldn’t wait to try out the ChomChom Roller, because it’s a pet hair remover that uses a unique method to get rid of that pesky fur.

It definitely earned our official Paw of Approval since it’s the easiest thing to use and doesn’t involve batteries, cables or adhesives.

Keep reading to find out why we’re so obsessed with it.

What Is The ChomChom Roller?

The ChomChom Roller is a pet hair remover designed to use static electricity to clean up fabric surfaces when your BFF sheds.

This roller doesn’t need any adhesive or tape to pick up those stray hairs, and it doesn’t need a power source to work.

What’s the difference between the ChomChom Roller and a lint roller?

The main difference between the ChomChom Roller and a typical lint roller is the way they collect pet hair.

Lint rollers utilize adhesives and tape to remove fur from your furniture. You have to peel the adhesive off as it gets covered in fur —which can mean going through a lint roller pretty quickly if you have a house full of pets.

The ChomChom Roller, however, uses static electric charge to draw your pet’s hair off of the fabric and into the collection chamber.

That means it doesn’t require any extra tape, rolls or replacement parts.

How to use the ChomChom Roller

Using the ChomChom Roller is super simple.

All you have to do is run it back and forth on any fabric surface in short, quick movements. This is what generates the static electricity that attracts and collects your pet’s hair.

How to clean the ChomChom Roller

Cleaning the ChomChom Roller is a total breeze.

Simply press the button on the roller’s handle — that’ll open the chamber where all your pet’s hair is collected.

Then, all you have to do is pull that stray hair out of the chamber and toss it.

Our Reviewers

We picked five office pets who shed quite a bit to put the ChomChom Roller to the ultimate test.

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Does The ChomChom Roller Really Work?

Our human testers are all too familiar with the pet hair struggle and know how getting rid of every stray strand can feel like an impossible task.

So when they saw how effective the ChomChom Roller was, they were blown away.

I was pretty amazed by how effective the Chom Chom Roller was. It picked up all of the hair on my carpet and furniture and then some! Every time I use it, I'm shocked by the amount of hair it's picked up (and slightly disgusted that that much hair has been sitting on my sofa).” — Rebecca G.

I really wanted to test it on the couch, and it worked great! I use it every night to leave my living room clean for the next day, and also anytime before I sit on the couch. It just feels a lot more clean! I think it made a big difference, and now I can finally sit on my couch anytime I want.” — Ariana N.

“It does what it says it will do! It removes a ton of hair with minimal effort. ​​I was really impressed with how much hair it was able to pick up off a variety of surfaces. My house feels cleaner.” — Cristal C.

One pet parent even got down on the ground to try the ChomChom Roller on a rug and was thrilled to see how well it worked at picking up hair.

“I mostly used it on a rug because that's a bigger problem area for my apartment, and I don't think that's necessarily the intended use, but it sure got a lot of fur out of there. I was surprised (and a little horrified) by the amount of fur inside when I opened the chamber to clean it.” — Shayna P.

chomchom roller
A pet-hair-covered blanket before (left) and after (right) using the ChomChom Roller. | Cristal Cameron

What We Love

There’s a lot to love about the ChomChom Roller.

It’s quick and easy to use

Using the ChomChom Roller to clean up after your pet really takes no time at all, and it’s a much speedier alternative to other hair removal methods.

You just have to roll it up and down with no pressure. It takes me about two minutes to remove the hair. Using a vacuum is a lot more work, and since the roller is the perfect size, it just works a lot faster.” — Ariana N.

And because it doesn’t require an external power source, it’s so easy to use without having to deal with jumbled cords or dying batteries.

“Each time, I used it for about three minutes. It took no time for it to do its job! It's simple to use, no batteries or special cords needed, and it works!” — Rebecca G.

It’s lightweight

The ChomChom Roller is so light that it’s easy to keep pushing it back and forth over whatever surface you’re cleaning.

“The plastic is very lightweight, and the roller looks like just about any lint brush you've ever seen. I ended up loving how light it was — it was easy to maneuver, and my hand and arm never got tired.” — Rebecca G.

“It's not heavy at all, making it easy for anyone to use it at any time.” — Ariana N.

It’s quiet

Vacuums are a pretty loud tool for sucking up your pet’s hair, which can be upsetting for your pet and annoying for you.

Since the ChomChom Roller doesn’t need any sort of suction power to work, it’s a nice, quiet way to get rid of all that fur.

“Murphy doesn't love the loud vacuum cleaner, so he seemed to prefer this hair removal method over the louder option.” — Cristal C.

chomchom roller
The ChomChom Roller isn’t too loud for our pets. | Rebecca Gruber

It’s durable

The ChomChom Roller may be made of plastic, but it’s really sturdy, especially considering how light it is.

“At first, I thought the plastic wasn't resistant enough and that it'd break easily. However, after a few uses, I noticed there's no reason for it to break.” — Ariana N.

“The product was sturdy and held up to use on multiple different textures and surfaces.” — Cristal C.

It’s compact

Some handheld products can be a bit too bulky, but our pet parents loved that the ChomChom Roller is nice and small.

“It doesn't take up a lot of space, so it'll be easy to store.” — Shayna P.

It’s easy to clean

Once you’re done picking up pet hair, cleaning the ChomChom Roller is a breeze.

“The Chom Chom Roller is easy to use and, equally as important, very easy to clean out. It doesn't have sticky sheets or extra steps, which is great for everyday use.” — Cristal C.

“You can easily dispose of the hair once you've gathered it up!” — Rebecca G.

chomchom roller
To clean, just remove the hair from the chamber. | Ariana Nasi

The Downsides

There are a couple tiny downsides to the ChomChom Roller.

It works better on taut fabrics

The ChomChom Roller is designed to work on pretty much any type of fabric.

However, looser fabrics can be difficult to work with, since moving the roller back and forth can cause them to bunch up.

The roller requires a back-and-forth motion that makes it a bit more challenging to use on some fabrics (like loose blankets or sheets).” — Cristal C.

It’s not always as effective in the car

The ChomChom Roller works wonders on some types of fabrics, while others are a bit more difficult to clean.

It didn't fully clean small or bumpy surfaces, like my car seats. It does help but not quite like on the couch, [where it] removes everything.” — Ariana N.

“It seemed to work better with some textures versus others.” — Cristal C.

You might have to clean it out a lot

Our pet parents love how small and compact the ChomChom Roller is, but that also means the pet hair chamber is small, too.

So, you might be emptying it more than you’d like. (However, since all you have to do is pull out the hair and toss it, cleaning out the ChomChom Roller isn’t that much of a pain.)

“The fur chamber fills up pretty fast.” — Shayna P.

chomchom roller
You might have to empty out the fur a lot. | Shayna Posses

It’s not the cheapest thing out there

The ChomChom Roller costs $24.95, and our pet parents were divided about the price tag. Half of them thought it was overpriced, while the other half thought it was an absolute steal considering how effectively it picked up their pets’ hair.

Despite these things, our entire (human) judging panel plans to continue using the ChomChom Roller and would gladly recommend it to other pet parents.

Is The ChomChom Roller Worth It?

After using the ChomChom Roller, our judging panel noticed their homes felt cleaner than ever before.

As if that’s not enough, the ChomChom Roller is pretty hassle-free to use since you won’t have to worry about tripping over cords or replacing any adhesive rolls.


Why is my dog or cat shedding so much?

Shedding is totally normal for both cats and dogs. Sometimes, though, it might seem like your pet is shedding an awful lot.

Certain seasons can cause your dog or cat to shed a bit more than usual. Before summer, some pets will blow their coats — aka shed those thick undercoats they grew to stay warm in the winter.

The age and stress level of your dog or cat can also cause them to shed. Senior dogs tend to shed more, for example.

Allergies can also lead to excessive shedding. Some parasites your pets pick up can even result in hair loss. Talk to your vet if your pet seems to be shedding more than normal.

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