These Dog Treats Are Made With Crickets And They’re Amazing

They’re good for your dog and the planet 🦗

Chippin Dog Treats

Why We Love Them:

These treats are made with cricket protein, which is a more sustainable option than beef. And our pups love them!

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Most dog treats are beef- or chicken-flavored, which is why we were so intrigued to learn about dog treats that were made from crickets.

We couldn’t wait to try out Chippin dog treats to find out if our dogs would actually eat treats made with an alternative protein.

And they didn’t disappoint!

These treats earned our Paw of Approval because they’re sustainable, healthy and tasty.

Read on to find out more.

What Are Chippin Dog Treats?

Chippin dog treats are eco-friendly, human-grade treats made with cricket protein that uses fewer resources and is easier on the environment compared to treats made with meat-based proteins, like beef.

According to the company — which is named Chippin because they wanted to “chip in” to help the planet — it takes 2,000 gallons of water to make 1 pound of beef protein, but only 1 gallon of water to make 1 pound of cricket protein. Plus, crickets don’t contribute to methane emissions since they don’t release any.

The Chippin dog treats packaging is sustainable, too, as 28 percent of it is made from recycled materials.

What Are The Benefits Of Chippin Dog Treats?

Chippin dog treats aren’t just good for the environment — they’re also supposed to be great for your pup, too.

Cricket protein is supposed to be super easy for your dog to digest, and it contains all 10 of the essential amino acids he needs to stay healthy.

These treats are also full of fiber to support gut health and omega-3 for skin and coat support.

And Chippin dog treats are formulated to be hypoallergenic since they don’t contain chicken or beef.

What’s In Chippin Dog Treats?

Oats, peanut butter, crickets, pumpkin, flaxseed, chopped peanuts, sunflower oil, honey, cinnamon

Our Reviewers

We picked seven treat-motivated Dodo dogs to give Chippin’s cricket-based treats a try.

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Do These Treats Live Up To The Hype?

We were excited to find out that our dogs loved the taste of the Chippin dog treats, and that they’re super digestible and didn’t cause any upset stomachs, which is typical when introducing a new food to a pup.

The product claims to offer digestive and nutritional benefits, and so far they seem to be working as Cassie has been in good spirits and her bowel movements have remained regular!” — Claire N.

One of our reviewers is going through cancer treatment, which can be super tough on pups, so having a treat that was easy on her stomach was wonderful.

“Sasha is going through chemotherapy, so we have to make sure any new foods don't upset her tummy. It was peace of mind to know that the treats are allergen-free and easily digestible.” — Katy B.

chippin dog treats
Levi and his Chippin dog treats | Sam Negrin

What We Love

There are so many things we love about Chippin dog treats.

They’re so tasty

Our pet parents were curious to see how their pups would feel about treats made from crickets. So it was so fun to see Chippin dog treats become an immediate obsession.

Lincoln liked this treat RIGHT AWAY. He sniffed it once and took it and was hooked. I would have never thought Lincoln would take to eating crickets, but he was all over it.” — Victoria B.

“Norman, Sasha and Minnie responded to them the same way they do to animal protein — with lots of excitement!” — Katy B.

chippin dog treats
Cassie loves these cricket-based treats. | Claire Noyer

They’re easy to eat

Chippin dog treats are soft enough that dogs with dental issues will have no trouble scarfing them down.

“Minnie has some bad teeth that will be pulled soon, so we avoid anything too hard. She had no problem gobbling up these treats.” — Katy B.

chippin dog treats
Minnie could eat her Chippin dog treats just fine, even with her bad teeth. | Katy Brink

They’re great for the environment

Our pet parents love that sustainability is a priority when it comes to the Chippin dog treats’ manufacturing process.

“I'm excited about having a product that my dogs love that's more sustainable and humane. Having a couple of dogs and frequent fosters, I'm aware of how much meat they consume, and it's great to see they love crickets!” — Katy B.

chippin dog treats
The packaging is made of recycled materials. | Sydney Yu

They break into smaller pieces

While the treats are a bit big, it’s nice to know they’re super easy to break up into bite-sized bits, which is great for training.

They are super breakable, [and] this helps when Nala is doing tricks and I don't want to feed her the whole treat.” — Sydney Y.

chippin dog treats
These treats are really easy to break. | Victoria Barrios

They’re not stinky

A lot of dog treats have a strong smell, but thankfully for our pet parents’ noses, Chippin dog treats don’t have such an intense smell.

“They're not overly smelly or messy. The antioxidant flavor smelled best, kind of like cinnamon bread. Spirulina smelled more like alfalfa.” — Katy B.

And our dogs still loved them, despite the milder scent.

“Even though it doesn't have that smelly scent that dogs gravitate towards, Levi loves them, and I think can sniff out quality.” — Sam N.

They’re affordable

It costs $9.67 for a bag of 30 treats, which our pet parents thought was totally worth it, since you’re getting a high-quality product that’s healthy for your dog and good for the environment.

The Downsides

Our reviewers really struggled to come up with any downsides for Chippin dog treats.

A smaller-sized treat would be a nice option

While they’re easy to break into smaller pieces, it would be nice to have some treats that are already small enough without breaking them up to use for training.

I'd love a training treat version that was tiny bits.” — Katy B.

A tinier treat could save time and be a lot cleaner.

I found myself breaking up each treat to make it last a little longer. If I didn't do that, then Lincoln would go to a corner and break it up himself all over the floor, which made a slight mess.” — Victoria B.

Are Chippin Dog Treats Worth It?

Chippin dog treats are good for our pups and the planet all at the same time, which is the greatest combo.

Our pets and their parents loved them so much that they’d all gladly recommend Chippin to other dog lovers.


How many Chippin treats can I give my dog?

Here’s the recommended amount of Chippin dog treats you can give your pup in a day:

  • Small dogs (under 20 pounds): one to two treats
  • Medium dogs (20 to 40 pounds): three to four treats
  • Large dogs (over 40 pounds): five to six treats

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