This Cat Condo Is The Easiest Thing To Clean

It’s not a hair magnet 🤩

Catit Vesper High Base

Why We Love It:

This cat condo doesn’t attract cat hair and is the easiest thing to clean. Plus, it looks so good in our homes.

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You love your cats, but you’re not exactly a fan of how much they shed. And most cat condos on the market seem like they’re fully carpeted (aka cat hair central).

That’s why we were so excited to try out the Catit Vesper High Base cat condo, since it has removable memory foam cushions and its platforms and base are made of wood — meaning there’s no carpet, so it won’t attract or hold onto a ton of pet hair.

We’re thrilled to award it our official Paw of Approval since its sleek, modern design also fits in fabulously with our homes.

Read on to find out more about why we love it so much.

What Is The Catit Vesper High Base?

The Catit Vesper High Base is a cat condo that’s made from a high-quality medium-density fiberboard (aka MDF). It’s available in either a walnut or oak laminate finish.

The best part is it's designed to stay free of cat hair.

This swanky cat tree features removable memory foam cushions to really spoil your cat and make cleaning a total breeze.

The Catit Vesper High Base’s cubed den gives your BFF a cozy, secluded place to hide and nap and has two different entrances so your cat can come and go as he pleases.

Meanwhile, the tall observation platform allows him to survey your whole home from way up high — just about 4 feet high, to be exact.

The Catit Vesper High Base also has a couple extra-long seagrass scratching posts, so your cat can really stretch out while he’s clawing away.

And as a fun little bonus, it comes with a dangly rattan ball toy.

The Judges

We picked four Dodo cats who love to shed, scratch and climb to see if the Catit Vesper High Base cat condo is really worth the hype.

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So … Did Our Cats Actually Use It?

The Catit Vesper High Base cat condo quickly became our judges’ favorite place to lounge and nap — they definitely felt super spoiled by those luxurious memory foam cushions.

Dewey often loves cozy surfaces, so the memory foam was a big hit with him! On his first nap, he was so comfy he stretched out all the way and woke up suddenly because he almost fell off!” — Andrea H.

“Podrick also loves the soft mats that were included.” — Melanie D.

Those tall scratch posts also gave our parents’ furniture a break from getting clawed up, which they really loved to see.

“Murphy has focused his scratching and climbing attention on the condo instead of our couch and dining table on most occasions.” — Andrea H.

“Podrick loves lounging on most of the spaces on it. We’ve also noticed Podrick’s stopped scratching our sofa as often and now mostly scratches the posts on the condo!” — Melanie D.

catit vesper high base
Dewey and his Catit Vesper High Base cat condo | Andrea Henriquez

What We Love

There are so many things we love about the Catit Vesper High Base cat condo.

Cleaning it’s a breeze

Thanks to the high-end MDF and the removable cushions, it was incredibly easy to clean and rarely covered in cat hair.

“Being able to remove the cushions and wash them was also major since Murphy and Dewey shed a ton. The cushions come right off, and the wood can be easily wiped with a cloth.” — Andrea H.

“I was really impressed with how easy it was to clean this. Hazel is a Maine Coon and has long hair that sheds like no other. Her hair is brown, so I was expecting this to show up a lot on this tree, but it didn't at all. Being able to take certain parts out to hand wash is also a huge plus.” — Bridgette F.

It’s not ugly

Across the board, our pet parents were obsessed with the Catit Vesper High Base’s gorgeous design. It’s definitely not your typical ugly cat condo!

“More than anything, I LOVE how sleek and modern it looks, something that’s kept us from buying a cat tree in the past.” — Melanie D.

“We loved the design and how little space it took up in our dining room. The modern design makes it not stand out like a sore thumb in our apartment.” — Andrea H.

“I thought the design was very chic for a cat tree and helps it blend into your home. This is definitely a cat tree I would feel comfortable having out if I had company over.” — Bridgette F.

It’s durable

Our pet parents were also impressed with the Catit Vesper High Base’s durability.

This item is very sturdy, which was exactly what we needed for two large cats. The seagrass on the scratching posts seems like it will last a long time.” — Andrea H.

“It was really easy to put together and appears to be great quality.” — Melanie D.

catit vesper high base
Podrick can’t get enough of those memory foam cushions. | Melanie Demi

Our cats are obsessed

This cat condo was suddenly our judges’ new favorite thing since it provides so many ways to play, scratch and lounge.

My cats love to run and hide behind the posts and in the condo when they're chasing each other. Murphy was very into the rattan balls and climbed the condo to play with them until they broke off. Dewey, on the other hand, spent most of his time at the very top, stretched out and napping for hours.” — Andrea H.

“Pod is in LOVE with his cat condo. He spends most of his days either lounging on the top deck, scratching on the posts or sleeping in the box.” — Melanie D.

It’s nice and tall

And since it’s almost 4 feet tall, our cats love that they get a full view of their home from the top perch.

“Another plus is how tall the observation deck is. It is now the highest point in our home that our cats can climb, which will hopefully decrease the amount of times Murphy climbs our dining table and kitchen counter.” — Andrea H.

There are so many places to scratch

The four scratching posts on the Catit Vesper High Base are also long enough that your cats don’t have to take turns clawing at them.

“The long scratching posts provide my cats with enough rope to stretch out against and climb, and having four options to choose from means they don't have to compete for scratching post space.” — Andrea H.

There’s a private sleeping spot

The little cove was a big hit, too, since our pets had a nice space to hide and sleep the day away.

“This definitely helped with Hazel’s anxiety. She mainly utilized the cozy cube for this to rest and sleep at night. Hazel has always really enjoyed the comfort of a box, so I think this is why this feature really jumped out at her.” — Bridgette F.

“Podrick immediately hopped inside the middle box while we were building it.” — Melanie D.

catit vesper high base
Hazel is loving that cozy cube. | Bridgette Faupel

Any Downsides?

We did notice a few small downsides to the Catit Vesper High Base.

Larger cats might have issues

Two of our judges are bigger cats, and their human noticed it wasn’t the easiest for them to climb to the top of the Catit Vesper High Base or squeeze into the cove.

The platforms, specifically the second level, seemed to be difficult for our cats to climb — my cats struggled to twist their bodies enough to get to the very top and didn't fit comfortably enough into the cube for a nap. I imagine smaller or thinner cats would benefit from this item even more!” — Andrea H.

It can be a little smelly

Their person also thought the seagrass smell was pretty intense. While it goes away eventually, it can be concerning if your cat has asthma.

“When we first built the condo, Dewey's asthma seemed to worsen and remained pretty bad for about three days. The seagrass had such a strong smell that we worried it was triggering him. Eventually, as the smell started fading, his frequent asthma attacks went away.” — Andrea H.

Building it might take a while

Assembling the Catit Vesper High Base was a little more time consuming than our pet parents had hoped.

“One thing we struggled with was the building process, as it took us some time to understand the instructions.” — Andrea H.

The ball toy isn’t so durable

And while the cat condo itself was incredibly durable, the rattan ball toy it came with didn’t last long at all.

“The rattan ball toys were a big hit with our boys but didn't hold up to five minutes of play. I would suggest double-knotting them or super gluing them to the rope. It seems like the one piece that would have to be replaced quite often.” — Andrea H.

It’s a little expensive

The walnut Catit Vesper High Base costs over $200, so it’s a bit of an investment. But it’s a high-quality cat condo with so many amazing features that it’s a good one to splurge on.

All three of our human judges are excited to continue using it and would gladly recommend it to other pet parents.

Is The Catit Vesper High Base Worth It?

The fact that the Catit Vesper High Base cat condo has no carpet and doesn’t attract cat hair means it’s way easier on your allergies (if you have them).

And if you’re allergy-free, it’s still a gorgeous addition to your home that won’t become covered in fur.

Your pet will love all the scratching posts, the soft memory cushions, the cozy cube and the tall perch.

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