This Cat Fountain Actually Gets Your Cat To Drink More Water

And it doubles as a nightlight 💡

Catit LED Flower Fountain

Why We Love It:

It actually got our cats to drink more water! Plus it’s so cute, it lights up and it has a water level indicator so we know exactly when to refill it.

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Ever notice how your cat never wants to drink water from his bowl but always tries to lap up running water from the sink?

Like any good cat parent, you want to make sure your cat is getting the amount of water he needs to be happy and healthy, and it can be worrying if he’s not drinking from his bowl.

So, we gave the Catit LED Flower Fountain a try because it has three different water flow designs that’ll allow you to customize the running water to fit your cat’s preferences.

We’re thrilled to award it our official Paw of Approval since it actually got our cats to drink more. Keep reading to find out what else we loved about this cat water fountain.

What Is The Catit LED Flower Fountain?

The Catit LED Flower Fountain is a water fountain for cats that has a flower-shaped spout. You can adjust or remove the flower to create three different water flow designs: gentle water flow, bubbling top and calm streams.

You can also twist and lift the flower to make the water streams longer if that’s something your cat is into.

The Catit LED Flower Fountain is designed to only circulate filtered water to spout at the top.

The fountain’s triple-action filter has three levels:

  • Cotton mesh: filters out debris
  • Active carbon: removes odors and impurities
  • Ion exchange resin: softens tap water

The Catit LED Flower Fountain holds three liters of water but doesn’t take up much space — it’s about 7 inches long and 8 inches wide.

It has a water level indicator right on the front to show you how much water is inside the fountain. The indicator also doubles as an LED nightlight.

On top of everything else, this fountain’s supposed to be really easy to clean because the parts are easy to disassemble and hand wash.

The Judges

We picked four Dodo cats who go nuts over running water to try out the Catit LED Flower Fountain.

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So … Did Our Cats Drink From It?

Our pet parents were thrilled to see their cats drinking from the Catit 2.0 flower cat drinking fountain, especially when they didn’t always love drinking from their bowls.

I've never seen Calliope drink regularly before, and I'm so relieved she is now with this water fountain. I noticed the water level in the fountain going down way faster than her water bowl ever did, which was so exciting!” — Natalia T.

“Because of this product, Cooly has been drinking water more regularly!” — Kira K.

And even though two of our judges prefer to continue drinking from their bowls, they still enjoyed sipping from — and even playing with — their new fountain.

I catch my cats drinking from it occasionally. Once I moved the fountain up the counter near the sink I think they understood it better. When I took the flower out, they both touched it to splash a little and take a drink. They might just be set in their ways as bowl drinkers. They’re kind of fussy cats.” — Joanna D.

catit led fountain
Guava drinking from her Catit LED Flower Fountain | Joanna Douglas

What Pets Loved: Feeling Hydrated!

Because our cats were drinking more water from their Catit LED Flower Fountains, they were feeling refreshed and hydrated.

Calliope is definitely more hydrated now and is drinking healthy amounts of water than she would before. I know how important it is for cats to drink water to prevent urinary tract diseases, so that was something I was worried about when she wouldn't drink from her bowl.” — Natalia T.

“Cooly loves drinking and playing with the flowing water. She definitely is drinking more water with this fountain!” — Kira K.

One of our judges was particularly fond of the fun flower design, too.

“Cooly LOVES flowers. In the garden, you can always find her paws-deep in an open bloom. That definitely translated to her water fountain! She seems to love it even more because of the daisy on top!” — Kira K.

catit led fountain
Calliope sipping away | Natalia Torres

What Parents Loved: It Got Their Cats’ Attention!

Our human judges were so excited to see that their cats were actually using the Catit 2.0 flower cat drinking fountain for drinking and playing.

I thought it was nice that the fountain came with different modes to try out and found the version with the flower removed and a bubbling top was of most interest to my cats for playing, splashing and slurping.” — Joanna D.

“The fact that it's actual running water got my cat more interested in drinking!” — Natalia T.

Even if they didn’t actually catch their cats in the act, the water level indicator let our pet parents know their BFFs were, in fact, drinking away.

“I LOVE that it has a window where you can see the water level so I can tell Calliope is drinking from it. When I would use a water bowl, it was hard to tell how full or empty it was and if Calliope had drank anything. It’s also useful so you know when to refill.” — Natalia T.

The water level indicator lights up at night, which our human testers also found useful.

“The light that comes on at night is so helpful so you can see the water level when it's dark too!” — Natalia T.

“The nightlight was a nice feature.” — Joanna D.

The Catit LED Flower Fountain can hold up to three liters at once, which meant our pet parents didn’t have to constantly refill it.

“It holds a lot of water, so I have only had to refill it once since I first opened it a couple of weeks ago.” — Kira K.

And of course, the adorable flower design was a huge hit.

“It's so cute too with the flower petal design.” — Natalia T.

“I liked that this fountain was fairly compact and cute to look at.” — Joanna D.

Assembling and cleaning the Catit LED Flower Fountain is no problem, which is something our pet parents really appreciated.

“It was pretty easy to put together, and so glad it didn't require batteries and just needed an outlet.” — Natalia T.

Since it's plastic, it's easy to clean. I never owned a fountain because I assumed it would get messy or the filter would be a pain to change frequently, but it seems like this would be easy enough to maintain.” — Joanna D.

And even though it’s made of plastic, it looks and feels high quality and durable.

“This item is great quality. Doesn't look cheaply made, the fountain works great and it's held up for me through hours of riding in the car and moving around during a road trip.” — Natalia T.

catit led fountain
Our pet parents love that this fountain lights up. | Kira Koffskey-Smith

Any Downsides?

Naturally, since the Catit LED Flower Fountain involves running water, there’s a chance your cat could have a little too much fun.

When Cooly is done sipping from her water fountain, she bats the water and gets the whole surrounding floor area wet.” — Kira K.

It’s also a little on the loud side when it’s turned on and circulating the water.

“The fountain makes kind of a lot of noise ... we live in a one bedroom currently, so I have to turn it off at night to be able to sleep.” — Kira K.

Plus, fountains aren’t for every cat — some pets will still prefer to drink out of their bowls.

Unfortunately, my cats weren't very interested in the fountain. Perhaps as 4-year-old cats who never had a fountain, they just didn't know what to make of it. The fountain is great, it's the cats that give me trouble.” — Joanna D.

And at $34.99, our pet parents were split about whether or not the Catit LED Flower Fountain is overpriced. But since it provides your cat with a source of filtered running water they’ll actually drink from, all three of our human judges would gladly recommend this fountain to other pet parents.

Our Takeaway: A Fun Fountain Your Cats Will Actually Drink From!

Fountains aren’t for every pet, but if you have a cat who’s more obsessed with the water from the sink than the water in his bowl, you should really give the Catit LED Flower Fountain a try.

It’ll entertain your cat and get him to drink water at the same time. Plus, it’s super cute to look at, so you get something out of it, too.

Everyone wins!

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