These Treats Really Will Make Your Cat’s Fur So Silky

And the box becomes a toy!

Cat Person Skin & Coat Goodness Blends

Why We Love Them:

We noticed a real difference in our cats’ fur after giving them these treats. Bonus points that the box it comes in can be repurposed into a fun cardboard toy.

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If you want your cat to have super soft and luxurious fur, it can be tough to find a supplement that actually works and that he won’t just sniff and walk away from.

That’s why the Skin & Coat Goodness Blends from Cat Person are so exciting. They’re not a chew your cat will lick once and ignore, and they’re not a topical supplement your cat will never let you put on him. Instead, they’re a tasty wet treat you can use as a topper on your cat’s favorite food, and they’ll make a major difference in his coat.

We tested it out for ourselves and are thrilled to award it our Paw of Approval since our cats loved it and we saw real results. Read on to find out what else we loved.

What Are Cat Person Skin & Coat Goodness Blends?

These Cat Person Goodness Blends are wet treat supplements that are loaded with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and designed to improve your cat’s overall skin and coat health.

They’re also made with zinc, to promote fur growth, and both vitamin C and vitamin E for a boost of antioxidants.

The Cat Person Skin & Coat Goodness Blends cat treats are formulated with a turkey and salmon recipe that comes in a gravy, so it should be irresistible for even the pickiest cats.

But maybe the best part is the fact that they come in a recycled cardboard box that transforms into a cat toy once you open it.

Each box contains 14 single-serving pouches that are each 1.4 ounces.

The Judges

We picked four picky cats with some skin and fur issues to really put the Cat Person Skin & Coat Goodness Blends to the test.

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So … Did It Make Their Coats Silky And Soft?

Across the board, our entire human judging panel noticed a real difference in their cats’ fur after introducing the Cat Person Goodness Blends cat treats. It took their pets’ coats from scratchy and dull to soft and shiny after only a couple weeks.

Now the scratchiness of Brooms’ fur is completely gone! It made Mopps’ fur even more luxurious. It really did soften my cats’ fur!” — Yanise C.

My roommate did say that Aolani's fur seems softer since she's started eating the Skin & Coat Goodness Blends, so that's something!” — Caitlin A.

“Mr. Coaly's coat seemed a bit smoother after he ate Cat Person Goodness Blends Skin & Coat formula for two weeks.” — LJ H.

cat person treats
Mr. Coaly enjoying his Goodness Blends | LJ Hickey

What Pets Loved: The Box, Duh!

Isn’t every cat’s favorite part of anything you ever buy them the box it comes in? Well, Cat Person definitely played into that trope, since you can repurpose the Goodness Blends box into a cardboard toy.

And our cats thought it was the most fun ever.

I created the little cardboard ball and put it through the holes in the box so Aolani could bat it around.” — Caitlin A.

“The packaging was thoughtful, playful and even offered a fun cat game to build from the box. Of course, at first, he sat on it. But I was able to use a ping pong ball inside for him to explore, and he played with it.”— LJ H.

cat person box
Aolani loves her box-slash-toy. | Caitlin Anders

What Parents Loved: Their Cats Actually Ate It ... And Enjoyed It!

It’s such a pleasant surprise when you find something your BFF will be eager to scarf down, since cats are notoriously picky eaters.

And it’s especially exciting that our cats were obsessed with the Cat Person Goodness Blends treats because they’re also great for their health.

“Mopps and Brooms go crazy for it! As soon as I tear open a bag, they both start meowing like no one's business.” — Yanise C.

Aolani has a history of being picky, and her excitement over getting to eat her Goodness Blends every night has made me so happy. I don't typically give her treats or supplements because she never showed much of an interest in the past, but this she clearly loved.“ — Caitlin A.

“My very picky cat did like the snack mixed with his food!” — LJ Hickey

Our pet parents also liked that these Cat Person treats are decently priced. A box of 14 packets costs $15.50, which two of our three pet parents felt was a pretty fair deal.

cat person treats
Mopps enjoys mixing his Goodness Blends into his food. | Yanise Cabrera

Any Downsides?

Our pet parents loved so much about the Cat Person Skin & Coat Goodness Blends that they struggled to come up with anything they didn’t like.

The best they could do was admit they weren’t stoked about the smell, which is pretty typical for most cat treats.

The only downside, like all cat food, is that it doesn't smell great.” — Yanise C.

But all of our human judges would gladly recommend the Cat Person Skin & Coat Goodness Blends to other pet parents.

Our Takeaway: A Tasty Supplement That Actually Works!

The Cat Person Skin & Coat Goodness Blends made an impressive difference in our cats’ fur in just a short amount of time.

Our pets’ coats were noticeably softer and shinier, and we didn’t even have to force them to take this supplement.

They loved the Goodness Blends cat treats so much that they gladly scarfed them down all on their own.

And they were thrilled to find out that the company took their love of cardboard boxes to a whole new level by turning it into a DIY toy.

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