We Found A Cat Food That Will Tempt Even The Pickiest Cats

Ever seen a cat do a happy dance? 😻

Cat Person Food

Why We Love It:

It’s made with quality ingredients, and it actually seemed to have a positive effects on our cats’ health and moods.

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Getting a picky cat to eat something is the ultimate struggle. So getting a picky cat to eat something healthy feels like it’s going to be virtually impossible.

So if you’ve been thinking about switching to a premium food brand, but are scared about wasting your money on something he won’t touch, we’re here to help.

We got some of our own Dodo cats to try out food from Cat Person, to see if your cat will actually eat it.

The verdict? It’s totally worth it, and it earned our cats’ Paw Print of approval. Here’s why.

What Is Cat Person Food?

Cat Person was founded to create a food that allowed owners to have full transparency into the ingredient list — no fillers and no confusing language. 

Today, the company offers 19 high-protein and low-carb recipes across three formulas: dry food, wet paté and shreds in broth. So there’s something for everyone. 

The dry food goes for $11 for a 2-pound resealable bag, and the wet paté and shreds cost $7.25 for a 5-pack of 2.75-ounce containers.

Cat Person also offers a convenient subscription delivery service so you can set up a meal plan for your cat (which means no more late-night cat food runs).

The Judges

We picked four office cats who were looking to switch things up (including some picky cats to make sure judging was extra rigorous).

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So … Did They Actually Eat It?

Each of our judges ate the food a little differently.

Sadie transitioned gradually from her old food to the Cat Person dry food.

Rumi started on the Cat Person food right away, since she doesn’t typically get sick from switching up her diet. 

Theo and Catherine tried the patés and the dry food, along with their regular food.

Across the board, all four cats went bonkers for the dry food. Even the pickiest eaters scarfed it down.

My cat immediately raced toward the dry food and ate a good amount of it the first time I put it in her bowl!” — Zainab A.

“Sadie loved the new food right away, even preferring it to her old food (leaving the old food for last when we first transitioned).” — Bonnie M.

“Theo and Catherine were both really into the dry food! They were immediately drawn to it and crunched away happily.” — Haley W.

However, each cat had a different preference when it came to the wet food.

“[Sadie] loved the wet cat food as well, as she normally just has dry. She seemed to prefer the paté wet food to the shreds.” — Bonnie M.

“As for the wet food, Rumi disliked the chicken flavor (in gravy shreds) and didn't touch it at all. For the fish flavor, she didn't touch it at first because it was paté. But once I mushed it up and mixed in some water to make the consistency soupier, she ate that happily.” — Zainab A.

“Both my cats did not like the beef paté. They both took a little bit of time to warm up to the fish paté, but ultimately only took a few licks and left it.” — Haley W.

Cats eating Cat Person food
Theo (left) and Catherine (right) chowing down on some Cat Person dry food. | Haley Wetherington
Theo (left) and Catherine (right) chowing down on some Cat Person dry food. | Haley Wetherington

What Pets Loved: The Food Made Them Happy!

All of our pet parents noticed that eating the food seemed to positively affect their cats’ moods.

We observed Sadie be more energetic and playful, and her mood overall seemed improved.” — Bonnie M.

It was super impressive that Rumi genuinely seemed to like Cat Person and was eating the food with regularity during the test period.” — Zainab A.

“The dry food I put on little plates once a day for a snack, and Theo and Catherine loved it. Each cat got a couple of tablespoons of dry food. It made the cats happy!” — Haley W.

Cat eating Cat Person food
Rumi taking a break from dinner to pose for her mom. | Zainab Akande

What Parents Loved: The Health Benefits!

Our pet parents loved knowing that the food was actually good for their cats — and that they knew exactly what their cats were eating.

The food seemed to be quality, simple food without any added flavors or ingredients. Also thought that the food smelled better than normal cat food. It just smelled like actual chicken/fish, not fake flavored food.” — Bonnie M.

“I'm glad to have found a dry food to incorporate into their wet food routine — I feel like it's good for their teeth.” — Haley W.

They even noticed some health benefits.

Rumi’s poops were smaller and less smelly. I'm assuming it's because the food is mostly protein and doesn't have as many filler ingredients that end up in her stool.” — Zainab A.

“Noticed Sadie’s coat was shinier and brighter without any added brushing.” — Bonnie M.

Plus, our whole panel felt the packaging was pretty convenient.

“I love the packaging of the products, especially the Ziploc feature on the dry food bag. It makes it easy to serve the dry food and keep it closed for freshness after using. The wet food comes in little plastic cups that are easy to tear off and dole out into a plate.“ — Zainab A.

“The opening was a little difficult to open/find at first on the dry food, but once we figured it out it was great! It sealed nicely.” — Haley W.

“Love the packaging and that the box turns into a cat toy — great way to reuse the packaging and not be wasteful.” — Bonnie M.

Cat Person food delivery
Sadie playing with her Cat Person package-slash-toy. | Bonnie Mills

Any Downsides?

Since the wet food wasn’t a home run, our judges were looking for smaller amounts, or a more convenient way to store half-used cans. (Cat Person does have serving and storing accessories, but they’re sold separately and weren’t included in this test.)

Pricing was an issue, too, and may be a concern for budget-conscious pet parents since Cat Person’s recipes cost more than typical pet store food. Our three cat parents said they’d focus any repurchases on the products their particular cats liked. 

“Personally, I would pay retail price for the dry food, but not the wet food. I do think that, overall, the products from this company are on the pricier side.” — Zainab A.

“We really want to keep using it and are seriously considering putting in an order! Only concern is price, so we may just try dry food.” — Bonnie M.

Our Takeaway: The Dry Food Is Definitely Worth It!

All three cat parents said they’d recommend Cat Person to other pet parents. Cat Person’s fresh ingredients and simple recipes will tempt even the pickiest eaters — while cat parents will feel good about feeding their BFFs a healthy diet (and may see some health and mood benefits as early as the first few weeks).

While all four cats (and their families) enthusiastically recommend the dry food, the paté and shreds formulas were a bit more hit and miss — so if you go the wet food route, be prepared to test a few recipes to see what your cat likes. (If you go with Cat Person’s meal plan, you can order a $20 box to sample different flavors to get started.)

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