This Might Be The Best Dog Bed On The Market

It checks every one of our boxes ✅

Casper Dog Bed

Why We Love It:

It’s so comfy that it’s actually our dogs’ new favorite bed. It’s also the same high quality as Casper’s human mattresses.

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Whether your dog has joint issues, or he’s just a lazy boy who loves a good nap (or four), you know how important it is that he has a nice, comfy bed.

There are a bunch of Dodo dogs who were looking to step up their bed game, so we had them test out the Casper dog bed to see if it’s really worth the hype — and the splurge.

Well, the hype is legit! Here’s why the Casper dog bed earned our dogs’ Paw of Approval.

What Is The Casper Dog Bed?

The Casper dog bed is a super modern, comfortable bed for your pup, made by the company that disrupted the human mattress industry by selling comfortable, easy-to-ship foam mattresses directly to your door. 

Casper’s dog mattress boasts the same foam construction — including a memory foam top — as well as a removable cover for easy cleaning. According to the company, it’s also pretty durable — even if your pup’s a digger.

It comes in three calming colors and three sizes to fit dogs up to 90 pounds.

The Judges

We picked four office pups whose favorite hobbies include being cozy and snuggly to see if this bed lived up to their comfort standards.

He loves to eat and sleep. He's very lazy.” — his person, Indiana Mérali
Hank and Tyson
Hank and Tyson
“Hank and Tyson are your stereotypical pit bulls in that they are absolute goofballs who LOVE to cuddle and LOVE to wrestle. They're two peas in a hilarious pod.” — their person, Jordan Shalhoub
Pretzel is an expert lurker, often staring at me from random corners, always making sure I am in his sight line. He is fond of being burrito-d in his blankets.” — his person, Rachel Greene

So … Did They Actually Use It?

Our judges were all drawn to the bed immediately — we’re talking from the second it was set up.

“Telly immediately gravitated towards it and has been using it ever since we received it.” — Indiana M.

“Hank and Tyson loved it! As soon as we opened it, they plopped down and went right to sleep.” — Jordan S.

“The first day it arrived, Pretzel climbed into it and slept comfortably for several hours.” — Rachel G.

Even after the newness wore off, all four of the dogs used it a ton.

“It was the new favorite bed for the whole house!” — Jordan S.

We have various dog beds around the house but didn't have one in the kitchen, and it really came in handy because Telly does love to hang out with us when we cook. What happened though is that even when nobody was in the kitchen, he started gravitating towards this bed specifically over the other ones in the house.” — Indiana M.

“Pretzel has three beds in my apartment, so he rotates between them usually depending on where I am sitting. I'd say he used this bed at least once a day since receiving it.” — Rachel G.

Dog in Casper dog bed
Telly curled up in his Casper dog bed. | Indiana Mérali

What Pets Loved: It’s Super Comfy

Based on the dogs’ reactions, it’s pretty clear they found it super comfy — whether it was because of the supportive foam construction or the gentle bolsters that helped them feel secure.

Our dogs loved lounging in this bed and curling up for a nice snooze. Sometimes they just didn’t even want to get up!

“Telly’s very much always on the lookout for the nearest soft surface and was very happy to have it available.” — Indiana M.

“Pretzel seemed to like it right away, as he climbed in and stayed there for quite some time. In fact, when I called him to come sit with me on the sofa, he would not budge from the bed.” — Rachel G.

“Hank and Tyson seem to be very comfortable … They love it, so we love it too!” — Jordan S.

Pretzel wouldn’t move from the bed that first day. | Rachel Greene

What Parents Loved: It’s High-Quality And Stylish!

All three pet parents were highly impressed with the bed quality.

“My dog is a senior, so we’re happy that he gets to lay on a high-quality mattress as it has to be good for his joints and mobility.” — Indiana M.

“I think this bed is probably good for dogs who tend to have achy joints like our pit bulls.” — Jordan S.

They also loved that the modern design looked great in their homes.

“The quality is fantastic and the look very classy and simple. It fits well with any style of decoration and surroundings.” — Indiana M.

“Not only does it make the dogs happy, which is the main priority, but it also looks nice.” — Jordan S.

Tyson loved lounging in the Casper bed. | Jordan Shalhoub

And during our testing period, the bed definitely seemed to be as durable as Casper claims.

“Hank and Tyson love to dig in their beds to get comfortable, and it didn't cause any damage.” — Jordan S.

“Pretzel does dig and scratch a bit to get himself comfortable at times and he did some of that with the bed. It shows no signs of any distress, so I believe it would hold well if this continued.” — Rachel G.

Dog in Casper bed
Hank looked so cozy. | Jordan Shalhoub

Any Downsides?

Unlike some lower-tier beds, the Casper dog bed requires a bit of assembly — which surprised some of the dog parents. 

“I was a little puzzled when I opened the box. I didn't imagine after seeing the product online that it would come in various pieces like it did.” — Indiana M.

However, it was a pretty straightforward process.

And when it comes to the design, this bed might be slightly inconvenient for pups with little legs.

“Pretzel’s a short-legged guy, so it's a bit more effort for him to get into this bed than it is for him to step into his other beds.” — Rachel G.

Rachel thinks this might be why Pretzel went back to rotating between his other beds, even though he still uses the Casper bed daily.

Obviously, the Casper dog bed is at a higher price point than some other options. However, all three testers said the quality and design were great, so it’s definitely a good option if you feel like spoiling your pup.

“It is pricey but given the quality of the product and the design, especially compared to other brands, it feels warranted.” — Indiana M.

“It is very expensive, and we tend to go for cheaper beds since we have to replace them every couple years.” — Jordan S.

The small bed costs $129 and is designed for dogs up to 30 pounds. The medium size — which is made for pups up to 60 pounds — costs $149. The large bed is a cool $229 and fits dogs up to 90 pounds. (However you can get 10% off site-wide with code DREAM10.)

But all three of our pet parents plan to keep using the Casper bed after the trial run.

Our Takeaway: A Little Pricey, But Worth The Splurge

If you love spoiling the heck out of your dog — and don’t mind splurging a little — this bed is the perfect way to pamper him. Between the total comfiness and quality construction (which your dog will appreciate) and the durability and sleek design (which you’ll appreciate), you’ll definitely get what you pay for, despite the high price.

The ultimate recommendation? All four of our judges still use it every day and, for some, it’s their new go-to place to curl up (and even their favorite bed now).

(And don't forget to use code DREAM10 for 10% off site-wide!)

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