My Dog And I Tested The Carhartt Dog Coat, And Here’s What We Thought

Finding a good dog jacket can be tough!

carhartt dog jacket
Sam Schwab
Sam Schwab

Dog jackets are definitely adorable, but they're not just for looks. The right coat can be a super effective way to keep your dog warm on a cold or windy day, and dry if it starts to storm.

That’s why I was so excited to try the Carhartt Dog Chore Coat, which claims to keep pups comfortable, warm and dry in bad weather. Carhartt is a popular American clothing brand known for their heavy duty working clothes, like overalls, jackets, jeans and coats, so I have high expectations when it comes to their outdoor gear.

Having just moved to Northern California from South Florida, it was really important that I found a way to keep my French bulldog mix, Royce, warm while out on walks. He’s definitely not accustomed to frigid climates and will immediately come back inside after doing his business outside on particularly cold days, so finding a warm coat was essential.

Carhartt Dog Chore Coat
While the coat is trendy and durable, the material is a bit stiff and isn't super warm for pups. Also, the coat doesn't have a leash port, so a harness can't be used on walks.
carhartt dog jacket
Sam Schwab

While testing the coat, I looked at several factors: how warm it is, the level of water resistance and how comfortable it is to wear.

What features does the Carhartt dog coat have?

The Carhartt dog coat comes with a ton of features to make it the ideal coat for working dogs who don’t mind a bit of bad weather. Here are some of the coat’s key details:

  • Water-repellent coating that also protects against wind
  • Quilted nylon lining for warmth
  • Velcro panels around the chest and waist
  • Reflective lining
  • Two pockets
  • Corduroy collar
  • Comes in three colors: black, dark brown and army green

How much does it cost?

You can purchase the Carhartt dog coat on Amazon for $36.89 to $44.99, and it costs $44.99 if you buy the jacket directly from the Carhartt site.

The cost of the Carhartt dog coat is on the higher end compared to most dog coats on the market, which generally range from $15 to $55.

Pros and cons of the Carhartt dog coat


  • The coat has a quilted nylon lining that makes my pup want to stay outdoors for longer in mildly cold weather.
  • It keeps my dog’s body dry in the rain and dries off quickly.
  • It’s easy to take on and off.
  • It’s super trendy and looks great.


  • The coat is made of a stiff canvas material that made it hard for him to move around.
  • There’s no leash port, so you can’t use a harness.
  • It’s not ideal for heavier rain or extremely cold weather.

While the Carhartt coat is a bit bulky in terms of fit (I tested a size large on my 45-pound French Bulldog mix), the quality of the materials are definitely unbeatable in the category. Most dog jackets tend to have an outer layer made with a cotton blend, but the Carhartt coat sports a 100 percent duck canvas, which is a heavy, tightly woven fabric that’s super durable.

carhartt dog jacket
Sam Schwab

And the quality of the outer layer paired with the quilted nylon lining material was a pretty effective duo when it came to keeping my dog warm. Royce typically wants to use the bathroom and turn right back home once temperatures hit just below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, so his longer trek was a pretty good indicator Royce felt warm and content.

There’s a good chance the coat wouldn’t keep my dog warm in super cold temperatures (like below 40 degrees), though, since the outer layer is made with just a canvas material that’s not super insulating. So in general, it’s probably best for more mild climates.

It hasn’t rained much in Northern California lately, but my dog did get a chance to wear it outside during a light sprinkle, and I was happy to find out his entire back was completely dry once we came back inside. And after quickly wiping down the coat, it was like it had never been outdoors.

I did throw it in the shower for a secondary test, and you could clearly see the water-resistant coating at work as the water dribbled down the sides. However, after 10 seconds, understandably, the canvas material was super soaked (but did completely dry off in under an hour). So in general, this coat is great for walking your pup in a light rain but probably not ideal in heavier downpours.

One other plus is how easy it is to fasten around your pup. My dog typically doesn’t like putting on clothes, but the Velcro straps around the chest and waist made it a breeze and also easy to adjust to his size.

carhartt dog jacket
Sam Schwab

Although the material is high-quality, it’s a bit stiff, so it wasn’t exactly easy for him to move around in. It also hung off my dog’s backside a bit, but this is typical for him since he has a short body for a size large.

One downside, though, is that there’s no D-ring or hole for a leash in the coat, which can be pretty inconvenient for walking your pup unless you use a collar.

Is it worth buying?

While the Carhartt coat seems to keep my dog warm in 40-60 degree temperatures and dry in light rain, it’s a bit bulky and doesn’t work with a harness, and thus not very comfortable for my dog. Plus, the canvas material isn’t ideal in super heavy rain since it absorbs a lot of the water and probably not the best at keeping dogs warm in even colder climates.

I do think the Carhartt coat would be an ideal fit for pet parents in other situations, though. If you plan on having your dog off-leash, or he’s not a puller and totally OK with wearing a collar on walks, this coat is a high-quality option for keeping your pet warm on a mildly cold day and dry in a light rain.

Older versions of the Carhartt coat don’t include the quilted lining or the Velcro tabs at the chest and neck, so this product is constantly evolving. I know I’ll be looking out for a hole for a leash in their next version!

Carhartt Dog Chore Coat
While the coat is trendy and durable, the material is a bit stiff and isn't super warm for pups. Also, the coat doesn't have a leash port, so a harness can't be used on walks.
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