This All-Natural Dog Treat Is Actually Really Affordable

Our dogs are OBSESSED 😋

Buddy Softies

Why We Love Them:

These treats are nice and chewy, and made with natural ingredients that are good for our dogs. Not to mention they might be the most adorable treats ever.

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There are endless options when it comes to chewy dog treats, but it can be tough to track down ones that aren’t highly processed or made with artificial flavors.

Not to mention, premium treats can get pricey, so it can be hard to fit them into your budget as a daily snack.

So we were eager to try Buddy Softies natural soft dog treats, because they’re one of the limited treats on the market that are both totally natural and super affordable (plus our dogs are already obsessed with the crunchy versions of these treats).

Our dogs were instantly hooked on these adorable and healthy soft treats, so we’re gladly awarding them our Paw of Approval.

Here’s why we can’t get enough of these uniquely shaped snacks.

What Are Buddy Softies?

Buddy Softies are soft dog treats from Buddy Biscuits that are shaped like cute little gingerbread people.

They’re made of simple and natural ingredients — like peanut butter and flaxseed — that are healthy for your pup, with a formula that’s free of soy and corn.

These soft Buddy Biscuits are available in three flavors: bacon and cheese, roasted chicken and peanut butter.

The chewy texture is perfect for dogs who prefer soft treats to crunchy ones, and it comes in a resealable bag for convenient storage.

The Judges

We picked some pretty picky pups to try out Buddy Softies, to see if natural treats taste just as good as the less healthy ones.

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So … Did Our Dogs Actually Eat Them?

All of our judges were so obsessed with Buddy Softies that they could hardly even wait for their parents to unseal the bag when they arrived.

Rosie loooved the treats. When we first got them and opened the bag, she would jump on us and wanted to try them. She was definitely not disappointed from the results — ’cause she kept asking for more treats.” — Anita D.

Bobo loved these! He can be picky with treats, but he really loved them, and I found he would be more mindful in his training when we used these treats.” — Genevieve F.

Miso instantly liked them and didn't need coaxing to eat them! She can be a really picky eater and will leave behind fruits and veggies if she doesn't like them. If she enjoys something, she will gobble it up instantly!” — Eileen C.

buddy biscuits soft treats
Rosie licking her lips just looking at the bag of Buddy Softies | Anita Diamantopoulou

What Pets Loved: They Made Training Exciting!

These soft Buddy Biscuits are on the smaller side, which means they’re the perfect treats for training. (And our judges loved that smaller treats means extra treats!)

“I like how small it is because I feel I can give Rosie more than usual and still not spoil her. If she could eat treats all day long, she would, so it is a good way to make her more obedient in situations and give her a reward afterwards.” — Anita D.

Bobo was motivated to work for these treats. Great size for training.” — Genevieve F.

Buddy Softies are also small enough that they work great in puzzle toys and treat dispensers.

“​​It is a great rewarding treat and it fits in the bone that we use to hide treats in so Rosie can get stimulated.” — Anita D.

buddy biscuits soft treats
Bobo snarfing down his treats | Genevieve Farrell

What Parents Loved: They’re Good For Their Dogs!

Between the natural ingredients and their small size, our pet parents were thrilled that these soft Buddy Biscuits were a healthy option for chewy treats.

“I love how they have simple ingredients and low calories so I can give her many throughout the day!” — Anita D.

“Ingredients look great and they are affordable.” — Genevieve F.

They might also be the most adorable soft treats on the market.

They are really cute shape-wise.” — Eileen C.

And one pet parent felt Buddy Softies are a tidier alternative to crunchy treats.

The fact that it's a soft treat prevents it from breaking in many pieces and making a mess.” — Anita D.

Plus, they come in a resealable bag, which is super convenient and great for keeping soft treats from getting stale.

“I liked how I was able to seal the bag when I was done getting a treat out.” — Eileen C.

“I can carry them with me wherever we go.” — Anita D.

“Packing and ease of use was great.” — Genevieve F.

Buddy Softies range from $4 to $6 for a 6-ounce bag — depending on the flavor — and our pet parents thought that was the perfect price for these healthy, chewy treats.

buddy biscuits soft treats
Look how cute these treats are! | Eileen Chan

Any Downsides?

Our pet parents struggled to come up with any cons for these soft Buddy Biscuits, with the only complaint being that they don’t smell the best (which, honestly, is pretty typical of most dog treats).

It didn't smell that appetizing — smells like dough with a hint of peanut butter. However, Miso loves them, so that's good.” — Eileen C.

Since that was really the only issue they could think of, all three of our human judges said they would continue giving their dogs Buddy Softies, and enthusiastically recommend them to other pet parents.

Our Takeaway: A Healthy Option For Chewy Treats!

These soft Buddy Biscuits are both good for your dog and affordable — which can be a tough combo to find.

Our pups were so happy to gobble them up, which is always a plus, but it’s always fun to see our dogs get so excited about treats made with natural ingredients.

And to top it all off, Buddy Softies are some of the cutest treats we’ve ever seen — and you can’t beat a treat that’s both tasty and adorable.

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