Our Dogs Went Nuts For These Super Adorable Natural Treats

A natural treat you can actually afford 👏😍

Buddy Biscuits

Why We Love Them:

Name a more adorable dog treat. And they’re not just cute — they’re made with only a few natural ingredients, making them a great option for dogs with allergies.

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Crunchy dog treats are a staple in any pet parent’s house, but finding ones that aren’t overly processed can be a bit of a challenge.

That’s why we wanted to test out the original crunchy Buddy Biscuits to find out if our dogs would actually enjoy treats that only contain a few natural ingredients.

Well, we’re thrilled to give them our Paw of Approval, because our pups love eating them — and they’re also super easy on our dogs who have some food sensitivities.

Here’s why Buddy Biscuits are one of our latest obsessions.

What Are Buddy Biscuits?

Buddy Biscuits are crunchy dog treats that look like adorable, tiny gingerbread people — so they’re fun, cute biscuits to keep snack time interesting.

They’re oven-baked and made with healthy, simple ingredients, so you know exactly what you’re feeding your pup.

These crunchy Buddy Biscuits are available in three flavors: bacon and cheese, roasted chicken and peanut butter.

According to the company, these treats are supposed to be great for dogs with allergies and food sensitivities, too, since they’re so simple (the peanut butter flavor, for example, only contains four ingredients).

The Judges

We picked some of our pickier and more sensitive dogs to give the Buddy Biscuits a go, to see if less really is more when it comes to ingredients.

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So … Did Our Dogs Actually Eat Them?

Our dogs wanted to dive into these adorable Buddy Biscuits from the second their parents opened the box.

Miso instantly gobbled it up. Her eyes got bigger and she loves them. She did tricks for the treats.” — Eileen C.

Rosie just can't wait to have her treat after our walks. She really likes them. The first time we gave them to her, she couldn't stay in place and wanted to try them right away.” —  Anita D.

“Bobo loved these treats!” — Genevieve F.

dog with buddy biscuits
Bobo patiently waiting for his human to open the Buddy Biscuits | Genevieve Farrell

What Pets Loved: They Don’t Mess With Their Allergies

It turns out the Buddy Biscuits were actually helpful for our judges with allergies and food sensitivities, which made snack time even more enjoyable for our sneezy and sensitive dogs.

My dog sneezes a lot and she didn't do so when eating the treats.” — Eileen C.

“Rosie has skin allergies and some stomach issues so her food is salmon-based — so I'm glad we found these treats.” — Anita D.

Besides the health benefits, our pups enjoyed eating these treats so much that they made for great incentives when it came to keeping our dogs on their best behavior.

Bobo perked up when he saw these treats, and they were great for training sessions.” — Genevieve F.

“Rosie loves them! She sits patiently waiting for them each time we come back from the walk.” — Anita D.

dog with buddy biscuits
Look at the way Miso is eyeing that adorable treat. | Eileen Chan

What Parents Loved: There’s No Nasty Treat Smell

A lot of dog treats stink pretty bad, but not these Buddy Biscuits. Our judges tried out the peanut butter flavor, and they actually had an enjoyable scent to them that didn’t transfer to their parents’ skin.

It smells good — smells like cookies.” — Eileen C.

“It is so easy to give it to her and doesn't leave a bad smell on my hands.” — Anita D.

And the shape is just so adorable and unique, which is a fun change of pace from standard, boring treats that look like little pellets, strips or squares.

It's cute and distracts Miso for a few minutes.” — Eileen C.

Since there are so few ingredients in Buddy Biscuits, our pet parents also loved that they knew exactly what they were giving their dogs.

“Love the limited ingredients that the product has!” — Anita D.

The best part is that a 1-pound box only costs $3.19, so our human testers thought these treats are a total steal, especially for the quality.

dog with buddy biscuits
Rosie is trying so hard not to beg. | Anita Diamantopoulou

Any Downsides?

Our pet parents really had to struggle to come up with any complaints, and even then, they only had minor issues.

I wish there was a zipper to close the bag when opened.” — Eileen C.

“These treats are large! Sometimes I would split them into smaller pieces before giving them to Bobo. He’s a messy eater so if I give him the whole biscuit, there would be crumbs.” — Genevieve F.

Since their only issues with Buddy Biscuits were minor, all three of our human testers said they would definitely continue using these treats, and would highly recommend them to fellow pet parents.

Our Takeaway: Adorable And Great For Allergies

Buddy Biscuits come in the cutest — and most original — shape, so feeding them to our pups is extra fun (for them and us).

And our dogs found them so tasty that we could even use them for training (or to bribe them to keep them on their best behavior).

Buddy Biscuits are also made with so few ingredients that our dogs with allergies and food sensitivities could eat them, no problem.

And did we mention they’re super cheap, especially for such high-quality, simple treats? Total win.

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