This Light-Up Collar Makes Night Walks Way Safer

Everyone can see exactly where your dog is 🔦

Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar

Why We Love It:

It’s cute, the lights are super bright and the charge lasts a really long time. Plus each size option is adjustable, so you can find the perfect fit for pretty much any dog.

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It’s easy to be apprehensive about walking outside at night. And if you’re taking your dog around the block after the sun’s gone down, things can get stressful since he’s hard to spot in the dark.

That’s why we were so excited to try the Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar, since it’s designed to make your pup super visible on those nighttime walks.

Well, it certainly earned our Paw of Approval because of the way it made our dogs impossible to miss, even in complete darkness.

Read on to find out more about why we love it so much.

What Is The Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar?

The Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar is a light-up collar designed to keep your pup safe during nighttime walks.

The collar has a bunch of LED lights that go all the way from one end of the collar to the other.

The Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar is made out of a high-quality nylon and is supposed to be waterproof for walks in all sorts of weather.

It’s also available in a whole bunch of colors to suit any style. The Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar comes in the following shades:

How Does The Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar Work?

The Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar works by using several bright LED lights to illuminate your pup in the dark — just press the button on the collar to turn the lights on and off.

According to the company, the lights can be seen up to 1,000 feet away.

You can charge the Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar with a standard USB phone charger, and the charging cable is included with the collar. When it’s fully charged, this collar will stay lit for eight hours.

There are also three different light-up modes — solid, fast blink and slow blink.

What Sizes Does The Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar Come In?

The Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar Comes in four different sizes: extra-small, small, medium and large.

The extra-small size is 8.1 to 10.75 inches long. The small is 9.8 to 14.2 inches long. The medium collar is 13.8 to 19.7 inches long. The large option is 19.3 to 27.6 inches long.

The extra-small and small Blazin collars are five-eighths of an inch wide, while the medium and large sizes are 1 inch wide.

Our Reviewers

We picked five Dodo dogs who like to go on nighttime adventures to give the Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar a try.

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Does The Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar Work?

The lights on the Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar are powerful, and no one could miss our dogs.

Our pet parents love how effective the collar is.

“​​This collar has been amazing! It is so bright there is no way we won't see Rosie. She has worn it for an hour each day, and the light hasn’t faded at all!” — Anita D.

The way the collar cut through the darkness, even from 1,000 feet away, made our human judges feel way more comfortable while walking their pups after sundown.

“The visibility provided by this collar made me feel safer walking Biggie around some of the darker places in our neighborhood. You can see it in the daytime, under the bright lights and even from a block away. All the other dog owners who were using their phones to light their walk were checking us out!” — Emma D.

The Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar is even perfect if you're just letting your dog out in the yard after dark, because you won’t lose sight of him.

Mia wore the collar each night while heading out in the backyard, and I stayed and watched her from the inside. It was easy to see the collar shining in the backyard, and I could keep track of where she was for when I had to call her in. The collar shines brighter than other similar products I've seen on the market.” — Eileen C.

blazin led collar
Biggie’s collar made her super easy to spot in the dark. | Emma Daily

What We Love

There are quite a few things our testers loved about the Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar.

It helped everyone see better in the dark

Not only did the Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar make it easy to see our dogs, it also just made it easier to see in general.

“Not only do we know where Rosie is, but the collar lights up the surrounding area and we can see where we are walking.” — Anita D.

I think even Mia liked the extra light this collar provided for her. The collar provided a nice ring of light around her neck that I could see from afar and keep an eye on where she was at all times.” — Eileen C.

The charge lasts a while

Once the Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar is fully charged, you won’t have to plug it back in for a pretty long time.

“So far, we have used it more than eight hours and we haven't charged it.” — Anita D.

You certainly won’t have to charge it after every walk.

“I used it for a whole week on one charge and it’s lasted. The charging is pretty quick and easy to use.” — Emma D.

The fit is adjustable

Since the Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar comes in four different sizes with adjustable lengths, it’s easy for dogs of any size to find the perfect fit.

“It was easy to adjust it to fit more snuggly around Mia's neck.” — Eileen C.

“Initially, opening the package, I panicked thinking I mismeasured Biggie's neck but found that I was able to adjust the collar so that it fits her perfectly.” — Emma D.

blazin led collar
Mia models her collar. | Eileen Cofre

The different light settings are effective

Our pet parents loved that the Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar has three different light modes that make it even more impossible to miss your pup in the dark.

“The flashing modes are great attention grabbers.” — Emma D.

It’s easy to use

Using the Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar is incredibly straightforward, and the instructions make things extra clear.

“It came with a small instruction manual that clearly explained how to use the product. It was very easy to use. I really like the three settings and easy-to-use on/off button.” — Brian C.

It’s stylish

On top of being a really effective light-up collar, the Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar looks really nice around your pup’s neck — it’s not clunky, bulky or ugly.

“The collar is nice looking. We had previously bought another one that we returned because it looked ugly; however, this one is cute.” — Juan Pablo C.

And since there are so many color options, you can choose the one you think will best suit your pup (or stock up on several styles).

“Biggie’s tan, so I got the golden yellow, and she looks beautiful in it.” — Emma D.

Even when it’s not lit up, the Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar still looks good.

“​​When the light is off, it looks like a normal collar.” — Brian C.

blazin led collar
The Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar even looks stylish when it’s not all lit up. | Brian Cimagala

It’s super affordable

All of our pet parents felt the Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar is perfectly priced, considering how bright it is, how long it holds a charge and that the fit is adjustable to fit dogs of pretty much any size.

The cost ranges from $18.99 to $21.99, depending on the size and color you choose.

The Downsides

However, the Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar does have its downsides.

It doesn’t light up all the way around the collar

While the company claims the lights go all the way around the Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar, one pet parent noticed there’s a section of the collar that doesn’t light up because there aren’t any lights where the battery pack and buckle are.

Only the lower half of it lights up, so if you're looking at your dog from the angle that doesn't light up, you would barely see light on her collar.” — Juan Pablo C.

blazin led collar
Zoe’s collar didn’t light up all the way around her neck. | Juan Pablo Campos

There aren’t any skinny design options

Depending on which size you get, the Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar is five-eighths to 1 inch wide, which can feel like a pretty thick band on tiny dogs’ smaller necks.

Our only complaint was that the collar was a little too wide for Biggie's neck. I wish the small had a skinnier option to accommodate.” — Emma D.

Downsides aside, our entire (human) judging panel plans to continue using the Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar and would recommend it to other pet parents.

Is The Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar Worth It?

To be completely honest, keeping your dog safe is priceless, and the Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar is an affordable way to do just that.

The lights are so bright that it helps light up your dog and your surroundings, making those night walks so much easier and a little less stressful.


Can dogs see in the dark?

Dogs can see better in the dark than people can because they have more rods (aka the cells that detect light) in their eyes.

Your pup also has a special reflective tissue behind his retinas that reflects light as well. That tissue — known as the tapetum lucidum — is also the thing that makes your dog’s eyes glow in the dark.

Is walking your dog at night safe?

There are a lot of ways to safely walk your dog at night.

Since it can be hard to see in the dark, light-up gear — like the Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar — will help you know exactly where your pup is while he’s sniffing around in the night.

Reflective clothing is also a good idea for both you and your dog. It’ll make it easier for cars to spot you as they drive past.

When you’re walking your dog at night, or even during the day, it’s best to stay on the sidewalk whenever possible. But if you’re walking down a road where there aren’t any sidewalks, stick to the side of the street that goes against traffic. That way, you’ll be able to see exactly when there are cars coming without having to turn around and look behind you.

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