This Supplement Actually Helps Dogs With Anxiety

And it’s all natural 🌿

Bach Rescue Remedy Pet

Why We Loved It:

Not only did it help our anxious pups, but it’s all-natural!

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If your dog experiences anxiety on any level, whether it’s separation anxiety, anxiety during thunderstorms or anxiety around other dogs or people, you’re probably always looking for solutions to help keep her calm during these stressful situations.

That’s why we were so excited to try Bach Rescue Remedy Pet, because it promises to not only help calm down our anxious pups, but it’s also made with all-natural, plant-based active ingredients.

We were so happy to find out that it helped our dogs cope with anxiety, and we’re giving it our official Paw of Approval.

Keep reading to find out more about what we loved.

What Is The Bach Rescue Remedy For Pets?

Bach Rescue Remedy Pet is an all-natural formula that promises to help ease your dog’s anxiety due to stressful situations, like:

It comes in a container with a dropper, and it’s made with five natural flower essences (so be mindful of your pet’s allergies!): rock rose, clematis, impatiens, cherry plum and star-of-Bethlehem.

How Does The Bach Rescue Remedy For Pets Work?

According to Bach, Rescue Remedy Pet is a homeopathic tincture made with five natural flower essences. Each flower used in this supplement is handpicked from Dr. Edward Bach’s gardens in the UK.

The flower essences work by addressing common negative emotions and behaviors pets experience when they’re feeling occasionally anxious, stressed, overwhelmed or scared. Sort of like how certain essential oils can help reduce anxiety in people (but don’t give your dog essential oils —they can be toxic to animals).

When it comes to how much to give your pup, the company suggests giving your dog about four drops of the supplement before, during and after the stressful event.

According to Bach, the exact dosage depends on what works best for the pet, so you may have to play around with how much (and how often) you’d need to give to your pet to see its effects.

Drops can be added to your dog’s food, water, a treat or directly into her mouth (but be careful not to let your pet’s mouth/tongue touch the dropper as this may contaminate the bottle).

Our reviewers

We picked six office pups, who all have different levels of anxiety, to see if this supplement would help them feel a bit calmer in times of trouble.

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Does The Bach Rescue Remedy For Pets Work?

Some of our pets definitely saw amazing progress while using this.

I took [my dogs] to an extremely crowded pumpkin patch. Snoop is reactive to children, and Missy is reactive to other dogs, so I gave them a full dose before we went. It was a successful trip! I do definitely attribute this specific success to their drops.” — Erica G.

While some of our dogs definitely saw some calming effects from this supplement, it might not be a substitute for prescription medication.

Snoop and his Bach Rescue Remedy Pet | Erica Garbarini

It will calm my pet to an extent, but not to the extent I need it to be. I think it's a great all-natural product, but quite frankly, I don't think any natural product is enough to be a good substitute for the prescribed medication that my dog needs.” — Vittoriana C.

What We Love About The Bach Rescue Remedy For Pets

It tastes yummy

Our dogs were literally drooling at the sight of this dropper.

Cannoli started salivating when I put the dropper toward her mouth, so something about it must have signaled that it was tasty!” — Christie R.

It helped calm down our dogs at rowdy events

Promising to help keep dogs calm during stressful situations, these drops seemed to be the reason why Snoop and Missy were so well-behaved at their *basic* day spent at a pumpkin patch.

I gave Missy a full dose before heading to the pumpkin patch, and she was able to ignore the big crowds and even a few dogs. Without Rescue Remedy, she would likely have been more overwhelmed.” — Erica G.

It’s all natural

Nico and his Bach Rescue Remedy Pet | Vittoriana Camporeale

With so many products containing weird chemicals you can’t pronounce, we love that these drops are filled with plant-based active ingredients and NO sedatives.

I love that the product is all natural, which is really what I am looking for for my pet. It is important to me that I don't give him as much of his prescribed medication when I can possibly substitute it with a natural alternative.” — Vittoriana C.

It’s easy to use

With a simple dropper for application, this product is easy to put into your dog’s mouth or onto a treat if your pup doesn’t love taking supplements.

The dropper was really easy to use. I was easily able to hide it in a treat.” — Kirby R.

It worked for separation anxiety

Cannoli sleeping after taking her Bach Rescue Remedy Pet | Christie Rotondo

As one of the most common forms of anxiety in dogs, these drops seemed to help one of our pups who experiences intense separation anxiety anytime one of his family members leaves the house.

The Downsides

It might make your dog itchy

While we don’t know for sure, one of our pet parents noticed that all three of her dogs were extra itchy the day after using this product, citing that they were licking their paws and scratching their ears more than usual.

I can't definitely attribute this to Rescue Remedy, but all three of my dogs were uncharacteristically itchy the day after receiving any doses.” — Erica G.

It’s a good idea to check with your veterinarian before starting this product to cross-reference its ingredients to any known allergens your pup is sensitive to.

Some dogs didn’t love the taste

One of our pups wasn’t a huge fan of how this oil tasted, and her person even said she shook her head wildly the first time she smelled it. To solve this, her person hid the supplement in treats.

“I wish it would have tasted [better]so that my dog would happily take it on her tongue instead of me having to hide it in a treat.” — Kirby R.

While Lucky wasn’t a fan, Cannoli would drool when the dropper was taken out. So just like with people, dogs don’t all love the same flavors, and you may have to just see for yourself if your pup enjoys it or not.

The directions are a little confusing

Most supplements dose by weight, but Bach Rescue Remedy Pet just says to administer “4 drops as often as needed.” It also doesn’t specify how long it takes to take effect, how long the effects last or if your dog needs to be weaned onto it.

“I also think this product would benefit from adjusting its suggested dosage by weight. We may have not noticed an effect because Cannoli is 110 pounds, but the dosage is the same for all dogs.” — Christie R.

Erica, who has three dogs of all different sizes, found these directions to be the most confusing, stating that she’s never seen a supplement give such broad instructions before.However, I listened to the instructions, and I do believe that the remedy affected each of my dogs in a similar fashion despite their differing sizes. The directions aren't wrong, just confusing.” — Erica G.

We reached out to the company, and they confirmed that the dosage isn’t determined by the pet’s size, just their stress level.

Is The Bach Rescue Remedy For Pets Worth It?

As with most natural calming supplements, it’s probably worth it to at least try to see if it’ll help your anxious pup.

The price is much more approachable and accessible than the price of CBD treats for dogs, but with slightly less payoff. However, the price point is accessible enough that I'd ultimately recommend buying it and testing your individual dog's reaction to it. It could be a great asset to your dog's emotional wellbeing.” — Erica G.

Lucky trying her Bach Rescue Remedy Pet | Kirby Reiss

I will probably continue to give Rescue Remedy to my dogs in situations of extreme stress because it does seem to improve their mood, lower their anxiety and increase their threshold for triggers in certain situations outside the home!” — Erica G.

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How can I tell if my dog has anxiety?

Dog parents should pay attention to context clues and body language if their dog is exhibiting any of the following signs of stress or anxiety:

  • Barking
  • Whining
  • Aggression
  • Withdrawal
  • Depression
  • Lack of appetite
  • Licking, chewing or scratching

Can I give my dog anxiety medication?

If your dog experiences severe anxiety, you should consult your veterinarian to discuss the potential use of prescription medication.

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