This Is The Ultimate Cat Tree For Small-Space Living

And it’s so affordable 😻

Amazon Basics Cat Condo Tree Tower With Hammock

Why We Love It:

The hammock bed is exciting, different and soft — aka great for naps. Plus, the two scratching posts are perfect for cats who love to claw at everything.

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All cat parents want to spoil their BFF with the perfect cat tree — but finding the right fit that’s got all the essentials (like a good scratching post and a bed that’s actually comfortable) can feel impossible, especially if you live in a smaller space.

That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to test out this Amazon Basics cat condo tree — and we loved it.

It’s got a fun, unique hammock bed, it’s nice and compact and it’s designed to actually fit in with your decor — instead of sticking out like a sore thumb — so it definitely earned our Paw of Approval.

Keep reading to get all the details.

What Is The Amazon Basics Cat Condo Tree Tower With Hammock?

This cat condo tree from Amazon has a hammock hanging from the top of two scratching posts. It’s available in two neutral colors, beige and gray, so it should match almost any decor.

The tower also comes with a detachable dangling toy, so it’s got something extra for when your cat wants to play instead of nap or scratch.

According to the company, the Amazon Basics cat condo tree is made to be durable and stand up to all the wear and tear your cat can throw at it.

The posts are covered in jute fiber ropes for clawing, and the tower is made with chipboard for stability. Plus, the hammock and the base are made with plush fabric to provide a super soft place for your cat to curl up when he’s wiped out from all that scratching.

The Judges

We picked three cats who love to scratch and nap (maybe a little too much) to see if this Amazon cat condo tree had everything they needed packed into its smaller size.

Baebo loves snuggling up all over the house. Also, he loves to scratch our couches.” — his person, Erin Hug
Aolani is a huge fan of scratching posts, and I'm always looking for new ones that will last a while. Even when I have scratching posts around, sometimes Aolani will still scratch the furniture.” — her person, Caitlin Anders
“My cat enjoys playing on and scratching his cat tower. He also has an issue with scratching and sleeping on my furniture.” — his person, Kisai Ponce

So … Did Our Cats Actually Use It?

Some scratching posts just don’t seem to interest cats. But our cat judges were all drawn to the two scratching posts on this Amazon Basics cat condo tree and felt it was the perfect place to take care of their claws — which is great, because it gave our furniture a break.

Aolani scratches the scratching posts on it pretty much whenever she's in the living room. This product has essentially become part of her daily routine now.” — Caitlin A.

Baebo went right up to it and scratched the posts! He kept scratching the posts every day.” — Erin H.

“At first, my cat didn't use or look at it, but when I moved it to my bedroom, Simba started to scratch it.” — Kisai P.

The hammock was soft, cozy and an interesting design, so it was a big hit with our cats.

“I was a little worried that Aolani would be too nervous to hop up into the hammock or wouldn't understand how to do it, but she surprised me. Once she noticed it, she hopped up into it almost immediately, got all snuggled in and stayed there. The hammock is incredibly soft, which is definitely why Aolani likes it so much.” — Caitlin A.

“Simba’s developing a routine with the hammock. When I wake up, since the hammock is in the bedroom, he 'wakes up' with me and stretches with the hammock.” — Kisai P.

Surprisingly, the base of the Amazon cat condo tree also became a favorite hangout for our cat judges.

“Baebo lays on the bottom part under the hammock. He ended up really liking the soft, carpeted part, and he might have felt safe underneath the hammock.” — Erin H.

“Since the base of the scratching post is just as soft as the hammock, Aolani also likes to sit there too, like her own little scratching post fortress.” — Caitlin A.

cat in amazon cat condo
Aolani in her hammock | Caitlin Anders

What Pets Loved: It’s A Lot Of Fun!

Sometimes a fluff ball on a string is all your cat needs to have a good time, so our judges were thrilled that the Amazon Basics cat condo tree came with its own little toy.

Baebo did love the little toy that came with it — he doesn't love toys, but we did find him batting this one around multiple times, and [he] seemed very entertained by it! It was great that they included a second toy as a good backup, in case we misplaced the first one.” — Erin H.

“The little ball that hangs off of the hammock is well made — the string it's on is durable and should be able to withstand Aolani batting it around all the time.” — Caitlin A.

“My cat loves toys and this had a couple of options for him to play with.” — Kisai P.

Clawing away at the scratching posts is like its own little game, too.

“Aolani will usually play around the scratching posts for a few minutes at a time before moving on to something else.” — Caitlin A.

“Simba is more active and visited the bedroom more often to play and scratch the hammock.” — Kisai P.

cat with amazon cat condo
Baebo loved that it came with a toy. | Erin Hug

What Parents Loved: The Design Is Great!

Our human judges were totally stoked that this Amazon Basics cat condo tree fit right into their homes and looked nice doing it — especially since cat towers tend to be pretty ugly.

It blends in nicely with my apartment. It's a cat thing, sure, but the colors and fabrics are sleek and nice-looking. It's not an eye-sore or anything.” — Caitlin A.

I liked the design, including the colors. The posts/hammock were also nice and small, so it didn't take up a lot of room in the house. It would be a good addition to a small apartment if there wasn't room for a larger hammock setup.” — Erin H.

“The product fits perfectly in my apartment.” — Kisai P.

Assembling it was also so simple.

We put it together with our 5-year-old, and it was easy enough!” — Erin H.

“I was pleased that it looked pretty easy to build. That's a big plus for me as I'm really not a big fan of putting together furniture. The whole thing took maybe 20 minutes to build.” — Caitlin A.

And since our cats loved scratching the posts so much, the Amazon Basics cat condo tree really helps keep their claws healthy (and saves our furniture).

Aolani’s been using the scratching posts a lot, which is great for maintaining her claws and keeping my furniture safe from her shenanigans.” — Caitlin A.

Our cats gave these scratching posts a lot of love during the testing period, and the cat trees appeared to be durable enough to hold up to a lot more wear and tear.

Each post seems to be well made and has held up well so far despite Aolani's constant scratching.” — Caitlin A.

All three of our pet parents think this Amazon Basics cat condo tree is a steal at $26.99, especially since it comes with two scratching posts, a hammock bed and a toy.

cat with amazon cat condo
Baebo thinks scratching is the best! | Erin Hug

Any Downsides?

One of our judges didn’t love the hammock part of the Amazon Basics cat condo tree — but that feature might just not be every cat’s preference when it comes to sleeping spots.

Maybe some cats are most excited about hammocks, but Baebo felt a little unsure about the fact that the fabric moved when he stepped on it!” — Erin H.

Despite these minor setbacks, all three of our human testers (and their cats) plan to continue using this Amazon Basics cat condo tree and said they would enthusiastically recommend it to other pet parents.

Our Takeaway: It’s Got Something For Every Situation

If you’re living in a small space — or just don’t want a giant 6-foot-tall cat tree in your living room — this Amazon Basics cat condo tree is the perfect solution.

Despite the compact size, it has two cat-approved scratching posts, two sleeping spots and even a bonus toy to keep your cat entertained when he wants something different.

On top of that, it’s durable and attractive, and the price can’t be beat — for under $30 you can give your cat hours of cozy naps, eager scratching and fun toy time. What’s not to love?

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