Paris Hilton Just Bought This Teacup Puppy For $8,000

"Those eyes are about to pop out because of overbreeding."

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton just got another teacup dog.

Because teacup dogs are bred to be dangerously small, their hearts beat dangerously hard and fast to push blood through their underdeveloped bodies - all for the sake of being pocket-sized and cute.

But that didn't stop self-proclaimed animal lover Hilton from dropping $8,000 on her latest puppy, still nameless, who weighs just 12 ounces. Hilton posted photos of her new acquisition this week on Instagram.

When Paris Hilton bragged about her Chihuahua years ago, it was one of the main factors that contributed to an upsurge in demands for the dogs. And breeders were pleased to up their production and rake in more cash.

Soon enough Chihuahuas were filling up shelters at a rate no one had anticipated. By the time the trend was over, Chihuahuas made up 30 percent of dogs in California shelters.

This isn't Hilton's first teacup dog. Last year she bought two tiny Pomeranians for $25,000 from a breeder in Canada, and in 2014, she spent $13,000 on a Pomeranian she named Mr. Amazing.

"She led the way of destruction," Veronica Perry, rescue and foster coordinator at East Valley Animal Shelter in Van Nuys, California, recently told The Dodo about Hilton. "She flaunted buying a dog from this breeder in Canada who breeds these tiny little dogs. And then everyone had to have one."

The teacup dog trend is already on the rise internationally, bringing tiny dogs into the world who can barely even function - some delivered prematurely by c-section just to make them smaller - when so many other dogs in shelters need homes.

And Hilton is definitely not helping.

"Those eyes are about to pop out because of overbreeding," one commenter wrote on Instagram (and yes, this actually can happen). "It will have a headache for life! Shame on you supporting these type of breeders! #adoptdontshop."

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