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Dog Who Couldn't Walk Shocks His Rescuers By Running

They found him on the street, unable to move.

When Sidney was found on the streets of India, his back legs were paralyzed and he couldn't walk at all.

The poor dog had a huge wound on his backside, and was covered in dirt in flies. All he could do was rest on the side of the road, unable to move.

Someone saw Sidney suffering though, and called Animal Aid Unlimited, a welfare organization in India, which immediately rushed to help him. When rescuers arrived, Sidney had turned his head away from the road, too sad to look at anyone.

As soon as he realized the rescuers were there to help him, he lifted his head and looked at them with so much gratitude.

Sidney's rescuers quickly wrapped him up in a blanket and carried him away from the streets, hoping there was something they could do to help him.

The wound on Sidney's backside was huge and severely infected, and the rescuers set to work cleaning and treating it. Sidney's legs were still paralyzed though, and it seemed unlikely that he would ever walk again. Still, his rescuers knew they had to try.

Sidney's rescuers helped him through physical therapy and, eventually, he finally took his first few, shaky steps. Sidney could barely walk without falling down though, as the damage to his spine was serious, and his situation seemed hopeless.

Sidney, however, refused to give up.

Sidney never stopped trying to walk, and now, somehow, Sidney can run and play as if he was never even paralyzed at all.

YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited

Sidney has his rescuers to thank for saving him from dying on the streets, but as for his incredible ability to walk again - that's all him.

YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited

Check out the full video of Sidney's incredible rescue and recovery below: