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Dog Left To Die On Side Of Road Never Gave Up Hope

Not many people would smile for the camera after being struck by a car and left to die on the side of the road for 48 hours.

Not many people. But a dog? That's a different story.

Now named Jimmy, an injured pit bull was discovered lying in the grass on the roadside in Sandy Springs, Georgia this August by a woman who also happens to operate her own pit bull rescue organization.

Diva's Pit Bull Resgcue

"I'm so grateful that I saw his head pop up from the grass," said Colleen Lazenby, founder of Diva's Pit Bull Rescue (DPBR). "But right when I saw him, I knew - this dog can't walk."

Diva's Pit Bull Rescue

She called upon her Facebook friends to get Jimmy to the emergency room. When it was clear that this dog needed extra care, they called in a specialist: Dr. Alan Cross.

Cross diagnosed Jimmy with a broken back, heartworm and some minor scrapes.

He was partially paralyzed, but not for long, according to the doctor. The fact that he still had feeling in his hind legs was a good sign that he had the potential to make a full recovery.

Thanks to the generosity of donors through a GoFundMe page, Jimmy received a four-hour surgery at BluePearl Veterinary Partners to receive two plates and twelve screws on both sides of his spine.

"Jimmy is wonderful. He has an amazing spirit and pulled through the unimaginable," DPBR told The Dodo. "When he was discharged from the hospital, his big smile was incredible!"

Diva's Pit Bull Rescue

It took a few weeks, but surely, Jimmy continued to make strides. First he could stand, then his heartworm disappeared.

And now? "He is a big lazy mush of love," said DPBR. "There is no better way to describe his personality than just always happy!"

On Friday, BluePearl Veterinary Partners released a video of Jimmy taking a few steps.

In the video, he kept most of the pressure off his back legs, but he's come a long way since he couldn't even stand.

"It's just amazing what they did for him," said Melissa Goldstein, Jimmy's foster mom and number one source of snuggling. "They put him back together again."

Diva's Pit Bull Rescue

You're almost there, Jimmy. Never underestimate your ability to heal.

If history has show us anything, it's that dogs (and animals in general) have a distinct ability to overcome obstacles that life hurls our way.