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SeaWorld Just Lost Another Corporate Sponsor As 'Blackfish' Fallout Escalates

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Like a flake of skin from a peeling beachcomber, vacation lifestyle brand and sunscreen company Panama Jack has parted ways with SeaWorld. Panama Jack, which has its roots in Orlando, had sold products at SeaWorld since the 1980s, but will stop on February 28, 2015, a representative for Panama Jack told The Dodo. The company "made the decision for business reasons" but declined to elaborate why.

SeaWorld has come under increased fire since the 2013 release of the film "Blackfish," facing scrutiny about its treatment of killer whales. In the past year, the company's earnings have declined by 28 percent.

Panama Jack is not alone in its decision to cease business with SeaWorld. Earlier in November, Hyundai drove off, joining Virgin America, Southwest Airlines and STA Travel in a corporate flight from SeaWorld.

SeaWorld still lists Panama Jack on its page of corporate sponsors. Panama Jack has taken down the SeaWorld emblem on its site but remains a "proud sponsor" of the Miami Seaquarium, which has been criticized for holding an orca captive for decades.

If SeaWorld's executives are feeling down about the split, perhaps a cool glass of orca milk would cheer them up.

SeaWorld did not immediately respond to a call for comment.