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Owners Of Lost Dog Say They 'Weren't Looking For Her'

Sometimes out of the saddest situations, a new beginning is born.

Imgur user FeetLookWeirdAsHell recently posted about a sweet Husky name Freyja who had been found wandering around the neighborhood.

Freyja was wearing tags, and so her rescuer assumed it would be easy enough to locate her family - but after countless unanswered calls the family finally answered, and said something shocking.

They told the person who had found their dog that they "weren't looking for her."

FeetLookWeirdAsHell immediately took Freyja to the vet, where he discovered that she had heart worms, which is likely the reason her former family abandoned her. Rather than react the way her family had, Freyja's savior simply said, "Fixable, a little pricey, but what ever, she's a good pup and worth it."

Finally, Freyja was worth it to somebody.

Freyja was taken in by her rescuer and given a brand new home, one where she could finally feel safe without the fear of being dumped for petty reasons ever again.

To the family who abandoned her, Freyja's new owner has only this to say: "So to the asshats that 'weren't looking,' thanks for the house broken and fully trained Husky."

Enjoy your new home, Freyja! You deserve this.

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