Obese Dog Who Lost The Weight Finally Got Adopted

When Kale Chips was first surrendered to Chicago Animal Care And Control, he was extremely overweight.

The chubby beagle weighed in at 85 pounds, and was surrendered by his elderly owner in January 2015 because he could no longer care for him. Kale Chips was soon taken in by One Tail at a Time, a rescue based in Chicago.

He could barely walk and was much too heavy to be carried, and so when rescuers came to get him, he had to be wheeled out in a wagon.

Kale Chips was immediately placed on a diet and exercise plan, and put into a foster home. He quickly fell in love with his new foster sisters, and was all smiles as he began his journey to a healthier life.

The overweight pup's new diet consisted of healthy dog food, fruits and veggies. About a month after his rescue, Kale Chips started swimming regularly as a part of his exercise plan.

Slowly but surely, Kale Chips began to shed the weight ...

... until finally, he was down to 46.8 pounds. Go, Kale Chips!

Today, Kale Chips has lost a total of 41 pounds, and has become what's known as a "foster fail" - because his foster family loved him so much, they decided to adopt him permanently.

Kale Chips is now happy and healthy, and can run around as much as he wants with all of his siblings.

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