Otters Are The Cats Of The Sea, And Other Doppelgängers Of the Animal Kingdom

Manatees are often called the "cows of the sea" because of their grazing habits, massive size, and gentle nature -- and let's be real they look like swimming cows. These pairs show that really, creatures who inhabit land and water aren't so different after all.

1. Puffer fish, the hedgehogs of the sea

Small, cute and full of needles. Enough said.

2. Manta rays, the eagles of the sea

They've got a huge wingspan, and they're indisputably majestic.

3. Otters, the cats of the sea

This friendship totally makes sense.

4. Mandarin fish, the peacocks of the sea

With colors so electric, these species are nature's go-to day-glo duo.

5. Parrot fish, the parrots of the sea (duh)

We're clearly not the first to notice the similarities.

6. Sea lions, the dogs of the sea

In case their faces aren't enough to convince you, watch how playful sea lions can be and then you'll understand.

7. Turtles, the turtles of the sea

Are we cheating with this one? Maybe, but you can't deny they have a lot in common.

8. Orcas, the elephants of the sea

Orcas and elephants are ridiculously smart, close with their families, and sadly, frequently abused by humans.

9. Dolphins, the humans of the sea

Dolphins and humans perceive the world "in fundamentally similar ways." That's about as similar as two species can get.