Other Breeds Suffer From Pit Bull Discrimination, Too

Pit bulls as a breed are often maligned as dangerous dogs unfit to be pets, despite evidence that suggests that socialization by humans -- not breed -- influences whether dogs will be prone to violence. The breed appears disproportionately in shelters and on euthanasia tables, though, because of laws known collectively as breed-specific legislation (BSL), which are targeted at banning pit bulls entirely by outlawing them as pets.

Many states and municipalities have made moves to overturn BSL or ban similar ordinances in the future. But there are still many areas across the country that actively (and legally) discriminate against innocent dogs.

Even though the BSL ordinances are designed to limit pit bull ownership, the laws frequently have unintended and adverse effects on other types of dogs. That could be because "pit bull" as a designation doesn't refer to a specific breed; the term is actually used to describe dogs that share certain physical characteristics.

Many ordinances purposely contain loopholes that let enforcers get away with targeting dogs that simply look like pit bulls -- by making it legal to take away dogs that look like pit bulls, regardless of whether or not they actually are. These are some of the dogs that are affected by the wrongful discrimination that comes with breed-specific legislation:

American Staffordshire Terriers

Staffordshire Bull Terriers

American Bull Terriers