Ostriches Help Baby Elephants Grow Up Without Their Moms

Pea and Pod live at a very special elephant orphanage - and they are ostriches.

In October 2014, people from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) went to Northern Kenya to rescue an orphaned baby elephant.

When they arrived, they found the elephant - and two tiny ostrich babies.

The little chicks, who would grow up to be Pea and Pod, had been found by the Kenya Wildlife Service.

The elephant rescuers decided to give them a home at the elephant orphanage.

"Pea and Pod have grown up with our orphaned elephant herd ever since, and are now an intrinsic part of our Nursery Unit," DSWT writes. "Although taller than their elephant peers ... [these] feathered friends remain very protective of the herd! It is a most unlikely combination which has formed an enchanting inseparable friendship."

Luckily, Pea and Pod do have another comrade in height among the tiny elephants: Kiko, the baby giraffe.

One big happy family.

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