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Dog Dumped At Shelter Because Of His Skin Finds Someone To Love Him

The heartbroken dog who could only stare at the four walls of his kennel will soon be roaming three acres of land with his new family in Oregon.

Just last week, Oso seemed unmovable from his solitary stance. The 8-year-old dog had been dumped by his family at the Downey Animal Care Center in Southern California just before the Fourth of July weekend.


He was suffering from alopecia and pyoderma. While both skin conditions are eminently treatable, it may have all been too much trouble for his former family.

"Owners didn't want to be bothered by his skin condition," Sal Valdepeña, a volunteer who works with dogs at the Downey shelter, told The Dodo last week. "They betrayed him because of his skin."


And that led to an even more pressing condition: a shattered heart.

But, as it turns out, even that was treatable.

After The Dodo published Oso's story, the shelter received more than 1,000 inquiries about him.

Like so many chains of compassion, this one had many links.

Robin Barker, a volunteer animal rescuer, shared Oso's story on social media.

"I thought, 'Okay, we've got to work on this guy and get him out of there,'" she tells The Dodo. "That picture was heartbreaking."

From there, a group of animal activists began a flurry of networking, staying up until the morning hours trying to find a home for Oso. The chain connected Barker to Dana Hill, who worked her connections for much of the weekend to, at last, Sonia Anderson who ended up going to the shelter to pick up Oso.

The Dodo

"She got him home and he went right to the bath," Barker says. "She scrubbed him up and this morning she said, "He had a great night. He's just an amazing dog."

The Dodo

And at the end of that chain? A woman named Lisa Marie DeLangis, who will be welcoming Oso to her home in Oregon as soon as transport is arranged.

Sonia Anderson

"He's going to live on three acres of property," Barker says. "She has no young children at home. It's her and her college-bound daughter who's going to school to become a vet tech."

It's the kind of ending a senior dog like Oso once dared not dream about.

The Dodo

Indeed, someone found a broken-hearted - but not broken - dog. And gave him a chance to face the world again. With a real family at his back.

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