Orphaned Gorilla FLIPS OUT When He Meets A New Friend

<p>Ape Action Africa</p>
<p>Ape Action Africa</p>

A gorilla now known as Parry won't have to be alone anymore.

Parry's past is a heart-wrenching story of displacement and alienation. The gorilla, who is now around 5 years old, was stolen from the forest as a baby after his mother was killed, and kept as a pet. But when he got too big to keep, his owners simply abandoned him.

When villagers in Cameroon found him recently, he was all alone, hungrily eating mangoes from a tree. And everything changed for him in that moment.

Parry was abandoned after being kept as a pet. | Ape Action Africa

Wildlife authorities helped bring Parry - who was too tame to go back to the wild on his own, especially since gorillas in that region are illegally hunted for their meat - to a sanctuary for individuals in the same troubling predicament.

Parry was brought to the Mefou Primate Sanctuary, run by Ape Action Africa, in early June. He lived in quarantine until he was strong and healthy enough to be able to meet the other gorillas.

Finally, this week, that moment came.

"After weeks of watching and waiting, Parry has finally met his new friend Chris," Ape Action Africa wrote on Facebook. "The two gorillas have been living in sight of each other since Parry was rescued in June, but were not able to meet until Parry had completed his quarantine period. Parry has been fascinated by Chris, offering him play gestures from afar."

While in quarantine, Parry couldn't wait to meet his new friend. | Ape Action Africa

When Parry finally met his new friend, they "hit it off instantly," according to the group.

Parry and Chris ... well, they kind of like each other ... a lot. | Ape Action Africa

They played and wrestled until they collapsed with exhaustion.

The new friends wrestled and played. | Ape Action Africa

The gorilla who so recently had no one is definitely not alone anymore.

"We can never replace the family that Parry has lost, but we have made a lifelong commitment to providing him with friendship and happiness amongst our other gorilla orphans," Ape Action Africa wrote.

Boys will be boys. | Ape Action Africa

And soon Parry will meet the lady gorillas, Luci and Chickaboo.

Parry happily collapsed after hanging out with his new best friend. | Ape Action Africa