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Four Mustang Fillies That Cheated Death



The four mustang fillies featured in the video are Skuya (skoo ya), Scarlet, Raven's Star and Lil' Dottie. All four fillies were born into their own wild horse herds but for various reasons, were abandoned at birth. That is when the ISPMB stepped in and saved them. They are now beautiful, free-spirited and sweet young "ladies" who enjoy a lot of hugs and kisses on a regular basis. It is a true pleasure to take care of these beauties. Check out their stories on Facebook by clicking OUR FOALS

You can help these girls grow up through contributions to the ISPMB. The ISPMB is located in Lantry, S.D. and cares for over 500+ rescued wild horses. As America's first wild horse and burro advocacy group, they have been saving America's wild horses and burros for over 50 years.

Learn more, donate and follow them on Facebook at ISPMB WELCOME or visit them at www.ispmb.org

Hi, my name is Colleen. I am so blessed to be using my entire life to make a difference in our world. I live and work on the ISPMB ranch and get to interact with the four wild horse herds that the ISPMB rescued.

My favorite thing to do is spend time with the four fillies featured in this video. One of those fillies, Raven's Star is no longer orphaned...I adopted her...she's mine or should I say I'm hers. You can get involved too by sponsoring one of these fillies or any one of the hundreds of wild ones that call this ranch home. Click GET INVOLVED to help.