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Baby Raccoon Who Lost Her Mom Clings To Her Stuffed Animal

She's so tiny β€” even her bottle is bigger.

<p>Austin Wildlife Rescue</p>

A mother raccoon was scurrying across the ground, trying to get her babies to safety - when one fell and accidentally got left behind.

The tiny raccoon was discovered by Austin Wildlife Rescue in Texas, in the middle of a sidewalk, only days old and struggling to survive.

Austin Wildlife Rescue

The baby raccoon was barely bigger than the bottle her rescuers gave her, and weighed less than a pound. Today she's got just the right people looking out for her.

"She is in the care of one of our raccoon rehabilitators and is doing very well," Hayley Hudnall, of Austin Wildlife Rescue, told The Dodo. "She eats every three hours, around the clock."

The little raccoon clearly needed more time with her mom before she went out on her own, and she most likely misses her dearly - and so her rescuers came up with a way to help her feel safe and loved.

Austin Wildlife Rescue

The baby raccoon was given multiple stuffed animals to snuggle up to in place of her mother, and she loves clinging onto them as she sleeps. She even has a raccoon stuffed animal that resembles the mother she lost.

Austin Wildlife Rescue

She may have lost her mother too soon, but this orphaned baby raccoon is doing just fine with the help of her rescuers and her new stuffed animals, and there's nothing stopping her from making a full recovery.

Austin Wildlife Rescue