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"Orcas Can Fly," And 6 Other Ludicrous Moments In SeaWorld Advertising

SeaWorld often says they serve an important role in educating folks about aquatic animals, like the killer whales it keeps in deplorable conditions, but they sure do make some spurious claims in their TV commercials.

Of course, for a business which likes to argue that large, intelligent creatures are happy to be held tiny tanks, it shouldn't be surprising that SeaWorld ads aren't rooted in reality either. Instead, the marine park prefers to be seen more as a magical fantasy land (where orcas fly!) than a colorful whale jail.

Here are a few more ludicrous implications made in ads by the same company that claims people are weird for wanting to free captive killer whales.

1. Animals just want to make out with you.


Sorry, but animals really don't want to snuggle and smooch on people. But hey, this SeaWorld mime might make inappropriate physical contact with your loved ones!

2. Sharks make a scary "roar" sound.

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No matter what this SeaWorld commercial might have you believe, sharks don't actually sound like lions. They're fish.

3. There is absolutely nothing unwise about what this guy is doing.


This moment from an add in the 1980's is particularly ominous considering that orca whales, driven into acting aggressively through their years of confinement, have been responsible for several trainer deaths, as detailed in the documentary "Blackfish."

4. Marine animals are so fascinating because they might be aliens.


What better way to instill an appreciation in our planet's incredible diversity than to basically suggest with visuals that they flew here from outer space?

5. The whole ocean fits into those cramped little tanks.


Just image if SeaWorld's real-life animals had the same freedom as their CGI counterparts.

6. At SeaWorld, killer whales are our equals.


Here's a rather odd bit of marketing for a marine park, especially since it's essentially the same argument used against keeping orcas in captivity.

SeaWorld and marine parks profit off keeping orcas and other marine animals in captivity -- despite evidence that captivity not only induces unnatural behaviors in whales, but also endangers trainers. Join us in pledging never to visit SeaWorld or other marine parks until they empty their orca tanks.