Orca Calf At SeaWorld San Diego Repeatedly Beaches Himself


Makani, the youngest offspring of the SeaWorld San Diego matriarch Kasatka, can often be seen engaging in stereotypical behavior. A stereotypical behavior is a repetitive action performed by an animal; it can be dangerous and cause physical injury, change their overall behavior and cause reproductive stress. Stereotypy is most often seen in animals with inadequate mental stimulation. Logging at the surface, swimming in circles, laying on the bottom of the tank and chewing on the concrete of their tanks are also forms of stereotypical behavior.

This behavior was likely learned by Makani from his older siblings, Nakai and Kalia, who have also been observed motionlessly laying on slide outs for long periods of time. Kalia has even been recorded repeatedly thrashing around on the slide out and banging her head (this video has since been removed from YouTube).

It is incredibly disheartening to see this young, playful killer whale engaging in potentially harmful behaviors. It is even more sad that so many people believe that it is natural and normal. Please do not support cetacean captivity. Do not visit SeaWorld.

Makani acts like a human 1 of 3, Nov 20 2014 - SeaWorld San Diego

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Makani acts like a human 3 of 3, Nov 20 2014- SeaWorld San Diego

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