Rescuers Stop At Nothing To Save Orangutans From Devastating Jungle Fire

The last thing endangered orangutans need is a blazing wildfire threatening their already diminishing habitat.

But rescuers are going above and beyond to make sure the orangutans they've so carefully rehabilitated and rereleased into the wild forests of Borneo, in Southeast Asia, are free from even this fiery contingency.

A heavy haze currently covers Samboia Lestari, an area of Borneo so precious to the rare orangutans, where a wildfire erupted on September 23 .

Since then, the Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation has been working with local professionals to control, and hopefully extinguish, the flames.

Fires have already consumed 74 acres of Samboja Lestari's 4,576-acre forested land, according to a press release.

Until the flames are under control, people are keeping close watch over the orangutans at the rehabilitation center.

It's suspected that the fire was ignited due to dry conditions and prolonged drought. Thankfully, the fire has not yet claimed lives - orangutan or human.

But the fire needs to be put out for the health of everyone.

The BOS Foundation is a nonprofit organization currently working to rehabilitate more than 700 orangutans and keep them safe from harm.

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