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Orangutans Dismantle Camera Before Escaping Zoo Enclosure

A pair of orangutans at the Indianapolis Zoo briefly escaped their enclosure yesterday, forcing zookeepers into a half-hour-long game of hide-and-go-seek as the animals tried to make the most of their relative freedom.

Rocky, a precocious 9-year-old male, is believed to have spearheaded the break-out at the Zoo's International Orangutan Center, though zoo staff still aren't sure just how he managed to breach the new facility's security measures.

As it turns out, prior to the escape, the orangutans dismantled a camera in the enclosure which might have offered more clues.

"Orangutans, they're very clever and curious, and we took all of that into consideration when we were designing the exhibit," says the zoo's public relations specialist, Carla Knapp. "They're just really clever, and we know that they're that clever."

Knapp says that the orangutans never left the building where their enclosure is housed and were eventually lured back with food.