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This Orangutan Just Nailed His First Live News Broadcast

What was supposed to be a serious newscast turned into an intimate moment with one orangutan from the Melbourne Zoo in Australia, when he decided to stare down the camera during a broadcast.

Recently, the zoo made headlines for introducing video games to its resident orangutans in order to keep their minds off the boredom of captivity. That was the story the newscaster was trying to report, when all eyes fell on the orangutan behind her.



People online have called the orangutan's smirk "more creepy than funny" and "scary AF." Sometimes it can be difficult to read animals' emotions. Not all creatures have tails that wag to constantly inform everyone around them how they're feeling. But to somebody who looks at animal videos all day, this orangutan's expression could look just like a goofy grin.


Why the smile? Maybe he likes the newscaster or the shiny camera. Maybe he's never been on TV before and he wants to make a good impression. Or maybe those video games really are helping him cope with the monotony of captivity.

Watch the clip from the Aussie broadcast below and decide for yourself.

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