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OpSeaWorld – Twitter Censorship

After Blackfish enlightened the world of the reality behind captivity and the controversy over captive Killer Whales kept at SeaWorld, Anonymous Animal Rights Division released 'OpSeaWorld' in hope of providing the public with urgent, truthful information which SeaWorld and associated Marine Parks withhold.

The intention behind OpSeaWorld: to make public SeaWorld's history of secretive abuse, cleverly formulated untruths, cheap and misdirected marketing tactics employed by the Blue-Chip company which focus on the manipulation of human emotion, and their continuing attempt to profit from the cruelty that is signature of the Captive Cetacean Industry.

Every piece of information used for the Op. was researched thoroughly by Anonymous, dissected and then converted to bite-size 'chunks' of information. The Op. itself included custom-made images and 850 tweets, pre-loaded into a webpage in five languages, all aimed at educating the world with facts that SeaWorld have, up until now, managed to keep well-hidden.

A Tweetstorm was arranged for January 30th, 2015, 8pm, UK time. That night, Twitter was turned into an Ocean of Seaworld information. With the public behind the Op. 22K tweets were registered within the first hour.

Under normal circumstances, this kind of interest would allow a 'Twitter hashtag' to trend. It wasn't so in this case. By the third hour, after 68K tweets, Twitter had seemed to censor the trend.

"Censorship is the suppression of speech, public communication or other information which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, politically incorrect or inconvenient as determined by governments, media outlets, authorities or other groups or institutions."

In the case of the Worldwide OpSeaWorld Tweetstorm; what happened to 'freedom of speech'? Is it possible that Blue-Chip companies can now themselves pick and choose which information is seen by the general public, on any given public platform?

OpSeaWorld has only (and will only) ever published facts. The tweets themselves were not born from hearsay or assumption; they included SeaWorld's own papers regarding their breeding programme, necropsy reports, investor statements, and direct quotes from the former CEO and other board members.

With the response to this Op. reaching the 100K mark over one weekend, one thing is certain; Activists are not going to take it lying down. Twitter is a Wordwide platform, a trusted platform; we'd hoped to receive their support in this crucial matter, considering even governments themselves are on the right side of Anti-Captivity history in 2015.

Sincerely, Anonymous