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Oprah Dazzled By Beautiful Butterflies (Who Just So Happen To Be Having Sex)

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As one of the most influential and trusted people in America, Oprah Winfrey sways popular opinion more than most. In other words, when she thinks something's amazing, the world takes notice.

And now, thanks to Winfrey's vast network of loyal fans, butterfly sex is finally getting the attention it deserves, we guess.

On Monday, Winfrey took to her official Instagram account to share a short video with her 3.27 million followers - a scene of two monarch butterflies copulating on the ground, which she describes as "amazing." Twice, in fact. It got a little awkward.

But it's hard to blame Winfrey for her enthusiasm for this winged couple's intimate moment in the grass. As it turns out, monarch butterflies as a species would benefit from more reproduction.


Over the past 20 years, monarch butterfly numbers have plummeted in North America, dropping from a high of 1 billion down to just 35 million last winter, mostly due to habitat loss and overuse of pesticides. The situation is so dire that some experts are urging the insects be placed on the endangered species list, and they may soon get their way.

More than 40 leading scientists, along with 200 groups and companies, recently filed a petition calling on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to act on this issue - proving that Oprah is far from alone in her lofty opinion of these lovable animals.