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Orphaned Opossums Cannot Get Enough Of Delicious Bananas

Do you ever get so hungry that you can't eat fast enough? Or you haven't eaten all day and you're SUPER hangry? Then you will absolutely identify with this group of opossums chowing down.

A bunch of orphaned opossum best friends were getting ready to be released from the wildlife rehabilitation facility where they were raised, but they had one thing they needed to do first ...

... EAT.

Never has a group of friends been so hungry and SO adorable while eating. Even after some of the opossums have finished their banana snack, they can't help but look for more.

At least they're all in this together - it's always embarrassing to be that one person ferociously stuffing your face. These guys are all munching with the same passion.

After all, friends who eat together, stay together.