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Dogs Rescued From Fighting Could Be Killed Because They're Pit Bulls

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Dozens of dogs saved from a fighting pit are once again battling for their lives - this time, in a court of law.

In all, 31 pit bulls and mixed breed dogs were recovered from a dogfighting operation in Ontario last month, where police charged three people with 276 offenses.

"This has been a long, complex and emotionally-charged investigation," Renee Cowell of the Chatham-Kent regional police told CBC News. "To learn these animals were being abused for a monetary purpose is disgusting, truly."

There will be no respite, however, for the dogs police take from the fighting pit. Many of them were found injured from the brutish spectacle. One dog was discovered dead at the site.

Under Ontario's Dog Owner's Liability Act, any pit bull deemed a threat to public safety may be put down - an ordinance that, at least on the surface, would most certainly include dogs raised for fighting.

So what happens next?

For now, the dogs are being kept at an Ontario SPCA shelter, while their condition is being assessed.

"What happens with these dogs here on in, is up to the courts," Brad Dewar of the Ontario SPCA told reporters. "In the interim we will continue to provide the care they require and deserve."

Not good enough, says a growing chorus of protesters.

More than 30,000 people have signed an online petition demanding these dogs, victims their entire lives, be afforded a chance at a happy ending.

"We need to protect the well-being of these animals and demand that they be kept safe and do not undergo euthanasia just because they are pit bulls," Dewar said.

And what, after all they've been through, don't they deserve? Let's give them a chance.