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One-Eyed Puppy Finds Perfect Home With Someone Just Like Him

Often, our pets understand us best of all.

On Monday, Redditor kt2133 shared a photo of her brother holding his beloved new dog. The one-eyed pup, she wrote, had been struggling to find a home because of his condition.

Luckily, the pup found the perfect companion in the Reddit user's brother, who lost vision in his left eye after a childhood accident and subsequent infection.

And this isn't the only tale of pets and humans who just, well, get each other. "I have a friend who only has vision in one eye," commented user SkywardSpirited. "One day there was a group of us hanging out at someone's house who had a one-eyed cat.

"At one point, the cat was sitting on the arm of the armchair my friend was sitting in, and they were both on each other's blind side," she continued. "They both turned towards one another at the same time and simultaneously jumped. It was marvellous [sic] to watch."

We're not crying. You're crying.

To learn how you can help pets with special needs in your area, visit your local animal shelter.