Rooster Comes Running When He Sees The Man Who Saved Him

"It happens every single time."

For Camus the rooster, there's one person who holds a place in his heart above all others, and he's not afraid to show it.

About six months ago, Camus and his brother, named Sartre, were found abandoned in a cardboard box outside the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Oregon. It's unclear what life was like for them before they were rescued, but sanctuary founders Peter and Gwen Jakubisin stepped in to make sure they'd be happy and safe from here on out — and the gesture is clearly appreciated.

Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary

Not long after Camus arrived at the sanctuary, he formed a remarkable bond with the man who saved him. And with that, an adorable little tradition began — making clear just how much he loves him.

"Camus doesn't really like anyone else, but he took to Peter immediately for some reason. Now he waits for him to get home and comes running to greet him," Gwen told The Dodo. "It happens every single time. It's so sweet!"

Here's video of Camus and Peter's daily reunion.

It's often all too easy for some folks to look at chickens as being empty vessels, devoid of personality or true emotion. So, with any luck, seeing how readily Camus shows his affection in the clip above will help inspire a change of perspective, Gwen said:

"I honestly hope they see how alike Camus is to a dog or cat. That Camus and chickens like him are individuals with thoughts and desires, that they are capable of making friendships. That they value their lives just like we value ours."

To learn more about Peter and Gwen's work, or to make a donation, visit Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary's website and follow them on Facebook.