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Rescue Pig REALLY Loved French Bulldogs — So His Parents Got Him One

Their names are Dill and Pickles

When Pickles was just a baby, his parents drove four hours to rescue him from a flooded farm and adopt him into their family. He was incredibly sick when they first brought him home, but he recovered quickly and evolved into a silly, lovable pig. As Pickles’ personality began to develop more and more, his parents noticed he really, really loved playing with dogs — especially one kind of dog in particular. 

“We noticed that Pickles really gravitated towards Frenchies,” Maddie, Pickles’ mom, told The Dodo. “I think it's because they also have a pig-like build, make similar noises, have no shame, etc. Our neighbor has one and would bring him over.” 

Since Pickles seemed to enjoy playing with French bulldogs so much, his parents decided to welcome one into their family, and suddenly Pickles had a brand-new little brother named Dill. Their parents hoped that over time the pair would grow to love each other — and had no idea that they would become best friends almost instantly. 

“Dill and Pickles got along right away,” Maddie said. “It was such a sweet surprise to see how much they actually liked each other! We catch them cuddling all the time. Dill's actually a really good brother to Pickles. He's very protective. He stands up to the big dogs if they ever try to chase Pickles. It's really sweet.” 

From the very beginning, Dill and Pickles absolutely adored each other, and now they do everything together. From cuddling … 

… to romping around on the beach … 

… to dressing up … 

… to just being silly, these unusual brothers are always, always together. 

For Dill and Pickles, being together just makes sense, even though they’re clearly a little different. While one is a pig and one is a dog, Frenchies definitely have some piglike qualities.

“I'm pretty sure Dill thought he was a pig when we first brought him home,” Maddie said. “He would look to Pickles as for how to behave. He'd be standing there next to Pickles trying to graze on our grass and look adorably awkward and unsure of himself/the taste of grass. It's like he knew something was off but just wanted to do what his big brother was doing.” 

Dill has since come to realize that he’s definitely not a pig, and he and Pickles have learned to embrace their differences. Pickles is a little braver than his younger brother and loves a lot of things that he hates, such as water and swimming. He helps his little brother overcome these fears every day — whether he wants to or not. 

There are a lot of things that Pickles can do that most other pigs can’t, like painting, working as a therapy animal and even going surfing. Dill may not be as adventurous as his big brother, but he’s always there on the sidelines to watch him do big things, and cheer him on every step of the way. 

Dill and Pickles may be an unusual best friend pair, but they love each other so, so much, and that’s what matters in the end. 

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