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Piglet Who Fell Off Transport Truck Won't Let Go Of Her New Best Friend

She spent her entire first night spooning her new stuffed pig ❤️️

Last Thursday, a 3-week-old piglet named Marge fell from a transport truck onto a road in Iowa — and her life was never the same.

Marge was being transported to a feeding facility, where she’d spend the next six months being fattened up before going to slaughter. But on the way to the feeding facility, Marge either fell out of the truck or found a way to jump off.

Rescued piglet on blanket
Iowa Farm Sanctuary

Shortly after Marge’s tumble, animal control officers found her and took her into their care. The little piglet, who only weighed about 8 pounds, had hit the ground hard — her jaw was fractured and her body was bruised.

That same day, a local rescue group found out about Marge, and they reached out to Shawn Camp, cofounder of Iowa Farm Sanctuary, to ask if she could take Marge into her care. But unfortunately, the sanctuary didn’t have any room for Marge at the time.

Person holding rescue piglet
Iowa Farm Sanctuary

“We said, ‘We’re full with pigs right now, but we can help you find placement,’” Camp told The Dodo. “And they’re like, ‘We have to do it as quickly as possible.’”

Marge’s time was quickly running out — animal control was planning to euthanize her that day.

“They [the rescue group] called back and said, ‘It’s life or death now,’” Camp said. “It was 4 o’clock, and they were going to euthanize her at animal control at 5 o’clock.”

Rescue piglet on straw
Iowa Farm Sanctuary

Camp immediately agreed to take Marge, but since Camp and her husband had to take another animal to the vet, they asked the rescue group to deliver Marge directly to their house.

“We left a side room on our house unlocked for them to drop her off in,” Camp said. “We left fresh food and bedding and water out.”

Rescued piglet in straw
Iowa Farm Sanctuary

They also left Marge a fluffy stuffed pig, hoping it would bring her a little comfort. And sure enough, it did. When Camp and her husband returned to their home, they found Marge snuggled up to the stuffed pig.

When Camp approached Marge, the little piglet tried to suckle from her.

Piglet cuddled up to stuffed animal
Iowa Farm Sanctuary

“We don’t look like pigs necessarily, but they don’t know that they can’t find milk on us,” Camp said. “So they’ll kind of root around, looking for a nipple to nurse on. They’re babies and just weaned, and they’re typically looking for milk on you.”

Camp could also tell that Marge was in a lot of pain from her fall from the truck. “She was really lethargic, curled up with that little stuffed piglet all night,” Camp said.

Woman comforting rescued piglet
Marge being driven to the vet | Iowa Farm Sanctuary

Camp tried to encourage Marge to eat, but every time she moved Marge to the food bowl, Marge eventually went back to her stuffed animal. “She’d get up and move herself back over to the little piglet, where she found comfort,” Camp said.

The next day, Camp drove Marge to the vet at Iowa State University, where she’s currently staying.

Rescued piglet in car with stuffed animal
Iowa Farm Sanctuary

“They’re treating her with anti-inflammatory pain meds, and a lot of antibiotics for her extensive road rash,” Camp said. “But other than that, it should just be a matter of rest and time, and she should be on the up-and-up.”

While Marge is in excellent hands, she is desperate for affection — and she goes to incredible lengths to get it at the hospital.

Piglet inside enclosure
Marge inside her enclosure at the vet clinic | Iowa Farm Sanctuary

“The vets say that she’s as sweet as can be now that she realizes that they don’t want to hurt her,” Camp said. “She’ll tear down the walls in the room she’s in to get to them, and once she gets to the vets, she just wants to crawl up in their laps and fall asleep.”

Once Marge is fully recovered, she’ll be moved to Spring Farm Sanctuary, which will be her forever home — and Camp couldn’t be happier that Marge found her happy ending.

To help Marge make a full recovery, you can make a donation to Iowa Farm Sanctuary and Spring Farm Sanctuary.