Video Of Lamb Dancing With Her Vet Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

"Ooh, I wanna dance with somebody!" 💃

Most animals want to hide while at the vet — but this little lamb is quite literally jumping for joy.

Ursula is not a permanent resident at Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center in Texas; rather, she is an employee’s foster there. And she’s become so enamored by the staff there that she literally breaks out into dance when they’re around.

A staff member was lucky enough recently to catch one of her dance breaks on camera — and now the whole world is in love with her moves.

“Like most other small lambs, Ursula likes to jump around and get excited,” Chris Kemper, the animal services manager, told The Dodo. “On this particular day, one of our animal care technicians was in the hallway with Ursula right after work and started jumping around with Ursula until they looked like they were dancing.”

The result was a simply adorable — and cheerful — video showing the tech and Ursula truly getting down. Since it was filmed in slow motion, you can see every little twist and hop that Ursula makes as she leaps through the hallway in joy.

lamb dance vet
Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center

It looks like nothing in the world could get Ursula down, and that’s probably correct.

“Now that it has been seen over 10 million times we are trying to figure out how to turn its popularity into adoptions for the rest of the animals in our shelter,” Kemper said. “We do love all the attention it has brought to our facility.”

lamb dance vet
Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center

While there’s no way to know what Ursula is saying for sure, it might just mean how happy she is to be surrounded by such fun-loving and sweet caretakers.

To help more animals like Ursula, you can make a donation to Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center.